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    • shainasmashm

      SMH at all of you. If someone came to me and said Hey there is a lot of people raising awareness by taking pictures of whatever to get the word spread about cancer of whatever kind id post one too. Rather its a negative feedback or Positive its still feedback and still gets the word out about raising the awareness. Yes I understand from a womans/mans point of view there’s some good/great/bad pictures but it got your attention didn’t it. As it did around the world . Coming from a family history of multiple cancers and knowing that most of them are not well known or publicized enough to raise awareness for a good cause I believe if you can start any cancer awareness just by some pictures and spread it globally DO IT. There’s plenty of teenagers and young adult males that have testicular cancer and don’t even know what it is until its too late. So to all the people that have posted negativity about THIS specific type of awareness I would like you to just think of someone you love and then what you would do to help support, get awareness out or even start an awareness program/picture/post/ of any type of cancer. My point is who gives a shit about a dick in a sock its about spreading the word and or information about testicular cancer anyway they could so they chose this way. Great idea cause you got my attention. And many others. Congrats Guys and Thank you for your support

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