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    • ShadowPoster

      Things I was NOT allowed to have:
      A Popple
      A Pound Puppy
      A Slam Book
      plastic charms
      a phone
      a le clic camera
      a pen pal—all my letters were simply tossed in the garbage by my mom after being opened and read then torn up.
      Teen Beat, SuperTeen, Bop, and Tiger Beat.—Considered Trash by my step dad
      T-shirt clip—oh no! no way! If I tied my shirt to the side,mom would take the clip off and slap me saying ‘Wear your goddamned shirt the right way or go upstairs and change before bus time!’
      “Teen Works” binders. If I had questions then mom was the ONLY source to ask never mind the ‘bull shit’ printed in the “Teen Works” binders.
      a My Child doll—never really wanted one
      expensive name brand shoes or clothes like LA Lights and LA Shoes
      Poochie Stationary
      Hair Scrunchies
      Jelly Bracelets they were ‘garbage’ according to my step mom who apparently thought it was Okay to let me wear her god awful blister causing Jelly Shoes to my 8th grade graduation
      Anything everyone else my age had I wasn’t allowed to have it either because it was too ‘expensive’ or I was simply told ‘you’re too old for this stuff! Grow up and act your age! Toys are for LITTLE KIDS and no you’re not getting a phone line in your room! Who’re you gonna talk to?’

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