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    12 Mouthwatering Mini-Cakes You'll Never Have To Share

    Treat yo' self.

    1. Mini Christmas Chocolate Cake

    2. Pretty Pink Raspberry Vanilla Mini Cake

    3. Mini Cherry Rose Cakes

    4. Fancy Banana Blueberry Bread

    5. Mini Chocolate, Nutella Ganache & Hazelnut Praline Layer Cake

    6. Lemon Lime Mini Bundt Cakes

    7. Mini Sweet Potato Layer Cake

    8. Mini Hummingbird Cakes with Pineapple Cream Cheese frosting

    9. Mini Peanut Butter Chocolate Layer Cake

    10. Amarula Chai Latte Mini Bundt Cakes

    11. Gingerbread Mini Bundt Cakes

    12. Mini Angel Food Cake