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    12 Breakfast Toasts That Are As Tasty As They Are Instagrammable

    There's more than just avo toast, ya know.

    1. Sweet and Spicy Breakfast Toast

    2. Ricotta Toast With Tomato Chimichurri and Mushrooms

    3. Ultimate California Toast

    4. Smashed Beet Fried Avocado Toast With Onion Aioli

    5. Asparagus, Radish, and Ricotta Toast

    6. Smoked Trout Toast With Poached Eggs

    7. Egg, Basil, and Sun-Dried Tomato Toast

    8. Southwestern Avocado Toast

    9. Pineapple Toast

    10. Roasted Rhubarb Toast

    11. French Breakfast Radishes Toast

    12. Creamed Mushroom Toast

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