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    12 Bite-Size Cracker Appetizers That'll Make You Feel Fancy AF

    There's more than cheese and salami.

    1. Mango and Grilled Shrimp Appetizers

    2. Honey-Drizzled Bleu Cheese Strawberry Bites

    3. German Liver Pâté and Butter Apples on Rosemary Crackers

    4. Salmon Avocado Bites

    5. Apricot Jalapeño Spread on Cream Cheese and Crackers

    6. Avocado and Cheese Cracker Bruschetta

    7. Mini Greek Salad Crackers

    8. Creamy Bruschetta Bites

    9. Honey, Apricot, and Almond Goat Cheese Bites

    10. Spicy Shrimp Guacamole Bites

    11. Fig, Prosciutto, and Brie Cracker Bites

    12. Smoked Salmon Bites With Mustard Crème Fraîche

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