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10 Happiest Countries You Must Visit To Pack Some For You!

World Happiness Report Ranked Countries on the basis of level of mutual trust, understanding and love. They say that happiness is an important ingredient for the development of the any country.

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2. Denmark

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If you have to choose just one country to travel to, it should unquestionably be Denmark! Danish people's hyggelig ( Danish ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures. Friends. Family. Graciousness) lifestyle makes them the happiest in the world!

1. Norway

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Norway is officially the happiest country in the world by happily jumping from fourth position to the First! Norwegians say that being content makes them the happiest! Other countries should definitely follow their footsteps. After-all, World today craves peace and happiness.

Sadly, India ranked 122 on the Happiness Index 2017. The list of top 10 countries makes me wonder that Europe is the only continent that has been able to retain peace and happiness in this absolutely chaotic world.

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