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Why Hoodie Allen Is Your New Favorite Artist. (You Just Didn't Know It Till Now.)

He is the best rapper you haven’t heard of, until now (brace yourselves). And, for the ones who are familiar of his glory, let us join the unaware in appreciating the work of Steven Markowitz. Here are some of the reasons why you have just found your new favorite rap artist:

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Hoodie quit his job at as an account executive at Google after his song You Are Not A Robot gained millions of views on YouTube.

He is not about making money, Hoodie believes in his fans.

That's why he gave you all the option to download 4 out of his 5 Albums/EP/Mixtapes for FREE. But, you can also buy it, so go buy it, because it is worth it.

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He says: "Fans don't have to do with labels, labels have to with hits."

Hoodie is the Social Networking King. He doesn’t have a publicist. He is his publicist.

Via Twitter: @HoodieAllen

Everyday, Hoodie takes the time to personally reply to and communicate with his fans through either Twitter, Instagram, YouTube videos, or email. Occasionally, he will even contact a his fans and do personal video chats. He believes the key to connecting with his fans is to be an open book online, and to try to have as few barriers as possible.

He is a rap artist who can sing. Really sing.


On August 13, 2013, Hoodie released and EP called Americoustic. Americoustic contains a collection of acoustic covers of his own songs that were released in an earlier EP in April 10, 2012 called All American.

Hoodie's song "Cake Boy" really makes you want cake. (Who doesn't like cake?)


But really, it's a great song, with lots of hidden puns. It's about his rise to fame and how he is now getting his cake served to him while others have to bake a cake if they want it. (Cake as in money/women. Or maybe Hoodie actually really likes cake.)

It's also about how his haters suddenly become non-haters. Crazy how fame works, eh?

Two words: His. Concerts.

Hoodies initial concerts only had a few hundred people, now the number attendees are in the thousands. The venues are getting bigger and bigger, and ticket prices are going up. So I'm telling you now, jump on bored. JUMP.

Overall, he is just a fun guy to listen to, watch and follow.

This mash-up cover of Walk the Moon's Anna Sun and Hoodie's Small Town might just send chills down your spine (the good kind of chills).

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Now that you are in love, here is A Beginners Playlist to Hoodie. Click play. Click it.

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