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Why Colbie Caillat's New Song Should Be Every Girl's Anthem

There's no need to try anymore, girl, you're perfect!

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We hear it over and over again. Models, singers, and actresses are photoshopped to seem perfect. But Colbie takes it to another level. Not only is she admitting to all the photoshop and makeup that has been done to her... she is letting it go!

It's a wonderful moment when you realize that you don't have to try. Why have you been spending your money and precious time on something so... temporary and materialistic? Everyone's pretty is different!

There are women of all different types taking off their makeup (and hair), to show their natural beauty... and my goodness, they are beautiful!

It really is time we ALL come out from behind the makeup and self criticism. Unfortunately, nowadays, every girl is become their own victim, but all you need to do is go look in the mirror and see the true beauty. Because you are beautiful... YES, YOU!

Watch the video and love yourself. Watch the video again, then love yourself some more!

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Have fun with your life! If doing your makeup and buying fanceyhhh clothes is your thing, then go for it! Who doesn't love a good shopping spree? But stay true to your self and don't try for anyone else!

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