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Help Gaza And Save Palestine

Cover Photos and Profile Picture for Download

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I won't spend time talking about the horrific injustice happening to Palestine right now, because there are thousands of sites already doing that. But, I wanted to point out the LACK of coverage by national media. Yesterday's pro-Palestine protest in Dallas, TX made the local news, which gave me an idea. Maybe if the news became public in major cities around America, the TRUTH will hopefully be shown on a national level.

Here is what you can do:

-Below is a Dropbox link that has cover photos for download. They have a hashtag relating to a major cities in America. If your city is not there, feel free to use the "General" cover photo without a city on it.

-Plan a PEACEFUL protest in your community to help speak out against Israel's illegal policies of occupation, collective punishment, and current inexcusable military bombardment of innocent civilians in Gaza.

Change your profile picture:

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