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12 Signs That You Are Probably A Muslim Living In America #MuslimProblems

Yeah, you were born here, or maybe you moved here very early in life. The point is you are both an American and a Muslim.

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1. Knowing the vegetarian version of everything at fast food restaurants because the only meat you can eat is Halal meat, A.K.A. “Muslim Kosher.”


"Yeah, I'll get a chalupa, replace the meat with beans... and a taco, no meat... yes beans." I now hate beans.


11. Having to explain to your teachers/employer the difference between the two Eid’s and why it’s like getting to celebrate Christmas twice a year.


And, yes you need the day off, maybe even the week? :)

Because it's rainin' Eidi all day errrday!

12. Having two wardrobes, and looking great in both:


Swag. Islamic Swag.

Most of the girls got their nice jilbabs and abaya's... but you know we can rock that jeans and sparkly top!

And guys, I see you, too! Wearin' that thawb/thobe like you own the place!

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