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5 Foolproof Ways To Own Real Estate In Sydney

These are tips Joe Hockey forgot to mention.

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PROS: That quote is straight out of the property law doctrine of Adverse Possession. #legit

CONS: Just like real estate investment, you're in this for the long term. So get ready to channel your inner Shawshank.

2. Marry rich.

Def Jam

PROS: Dat Money! Worst case, you co-own a mansion or are bequeathed a property in your own name.

CONS: If the only reason you're getting married is to be a home owner, brace yourself for an imminent divorce. (Which might be just as lucrative tbh.)

4. Injure yourself somewhere fancy and sue for damages.


PROS: The more famous the defendant, the more they will do to make this go away. Including give you all the money to buy your own house.

CONS: You might actually have to hurt yourself physically for this to work.

5. Move to Canada.


PROS: They have a city called Sydney, too! And their market is significantly cheaper than ours.

CONS: Their housing market is post bubble burst so you'll be around a bunch of sad Canadians which is never fun. Also, you'll have to import your own vegemite.

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