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29 Things All Vocalists Know To Be True

You have VERY polarised opinions on Glee.

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Fueled By Ramen

1. Honey and lemon tea is a whole food group.

2. Ordering drinks without ice is necessary, but also a nightmare.

3. No matter how drunk you are, you still kill it at karaoke.

4. Speaking of karaoke, your friends ALWAYS push you to go first. Because you're "the good one."

5. And then they get mad at you for being good, because karaoke is not meant for "real" singing. Make up your minds!

6. The following GIF is a legitimate warm up exercise:

Sony Pictures

... and it's called "sirens".

20th Century Fox

7. Scales are your best friend AND your worst nightmare.

8. Actually, that goes for all vocal warm-ups.

9. Especially anything with melisma.

10. Though, you're secretly proud of yourself for being able to do all those fancy runs!

11. You're sick of people who watched Pitch Perfect thinking they know you.

12. You listen to artists on the radio and can't for the life of your figure out why some of them are famous, because you personally know a lot more struggling singers who SHOULD be famous.

13. You instantly roll your eyes at anyone who says they're "self taught."

14. You're always defending that you're NOT on a diet when avoiding creamy foods before a performance.

RCA / Sony BMG

15. You're so good at listening to things that are far away that people think you have dog-like aural senses.

16. You're also the go-to person for shouting things across large distances. Projection skills, amirite?!

17. But though you've got the ability to be loud, you have to tread carefully when it comes to blending in a choir.

The CW

18. You can recognise a person on the phone just by the sound of their voice.

19. Actually, you'd recognize their voice if they stood in front of you and you had your eyes closed. It's a great skill.

20. You have veeeeeery polarised feelings about Glee.

21. But whatever those feelings are, you readily admit that Rachel Berry is your spirit animal.

22. You're convinced Sam Smith and John Newman are the same person, but feel as a fellow singer it's important to keep the facade alive.

Walt Disney

23. You're incredibly grateful your parent drove you every Saturday morning to rehearsals/lessons/competitions as a kid.

24. And you're still grateful when anyone comes to see you perform and supports you today.

25. You're also grateful you don't have to lug your instrument, around because is built into your body.

26. Even after all these years you still think Ariel from the The Little Mermaid is one dumb bitch for giving up her voice.

Paramount Pictures

27. Finding a good accompanist for an upcoming recital is the bane of your existence.

28. You also find it rather miraculous when people compliment you on a performance. Especially when you know just how many mistakes you made.

29. But most of all, you love that you can sing and wouldn't trade it for the world, let alone a pair of feet!

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