Why Zoe Hart From “Hart Of Dixie” Is The Fashion Icon We Need

“Have you not seen my outfit? Polka-dot blouse and leopard print skirt; I mix patterns! I am an ‘outside of the box’ thinker.”

1. She rocks formal shorts like nobody’s business.

4. Dressing like she is off to Coachella is a normal Tuesday.

5. She is not afraid to mix patterns.

7. Cute skirt and top combo — check.

10. She loves a pair of patterned pants.

12. Owning dresses way too nice for a small town — hell yes.

16. She knows how to accessorize an outfit.

The CW / Via spottedontv.com

18. And who doesn’t love a good costume?

20. Never change, Zoe Hart!

The CW / Via spottedontv.com

P.S. Can you please tell me where you get these clothes from?

P.P.S. How do you afford them on a small town doctor’s salary when you have not seen a patient for four episodes?

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