Why Geordie Shore Needs To Be Your Next Obession

Geordie Shore is the English version of Jersey Shore and for the past 7 seasons this has been the best reality show on TV.

1. Meet The Geordie Shore House

2. Meet Vicki

The one who always speaks her mind, but can seem like a bit of a bitch!

3. Meet Gary

The man whore in the house, who is known for his large parsnip.

4. Meet Holly

The dumb one who also has a great set of Double D’s.

5. Meet Scott

He tries so hard to be a man whore, but mainly just punches up the house when he gets drunk.

6. Meet Charlotte

With a foul mouth and she tends to pee everywhere when drunk. But I cant help must love her!

7. Meet James

The boring one, with the boring girlfriend.

8. Meet Sophie

With a dirty mouth, but she recently got kicked out of the house.

9. Now You Know The People - Time To Learn About the Great Things The Show Has To Offer

10. Charlotte and Gary

Are the on again, off again couple. The Ross & Rachel, Logan & Veronica of reality television.

11. The Random Dress Up Parties

And the shenanigans that occur.

12. The Weird Stuff That Comes Out Of Charlottes Mouth

Seriously how does her brain work?

14. Watching Them All Trying To Pull Night After Night

Often unsuccessfully, but at least they are full of confidence.

15. The Words Of Wisdom

That come out from time to time.

16. The Terrible Fashion Choices

Seriously - dress for your body type!

17. Admiting What Your Talents Are

Even if they tend to be of the sexual nature.

So enjoy catching up on 7 seasons of Geordie Shore goodness!

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