Why “Drive Me Crazy” Should Be Your Favourite Teen Rom Com

You All Know “Drive Me Crazy” That Movie From The Late 90’s Teen Rom Com - But From A Rewatch A Forgot How This Is An Awesome Movie

1. It Was Written By Rob Thomas - Yes That Rob Thomas

And the movie has some hints of the witty Veronica Mars writing we love

2. It Introduced Us To A Young Adrian Grenier - Pre Entourage Fame

3. It Strengthened Our Love For Melissa Joan Hart

In her Sabrina The Teenage Witch Fame Days

4. The Movie Tells It How It Is!

Take That She’s All That, 16 Candles, 10 Things I Hate About You and the rest.

Yes - I do understand they fall in love at the end.

5. It Has Some Terrible Late 90’s Fashion

Yes that is colored sunglasses that match their shorts

I get its mid break up - but ewww

Yes this is cute - but not at all appropriate for school

6. It Turns The Tables On The Traditional Make Over

Yes for once its the guy

7. It Correctly Shows How We Go To Bed Drunk

8. It Sums Up In One Scene How We All Feel During A Break Up

9. It Taught Us The “Art” Of War When You Are A Girl

Alicia DeGasario: Hey Kathy. Have you been over to Brad’s?

Kathy: Yeah, it’s nice.

Alicia DeGasario: Weird huh? His family seems so normal. You’d never guess they belonged to one of those doomsday cults.

Kathy: A - Are you serious?

10. It Shows You That Even That Even The Nice Guy Can Get The Girl

And reinvent himself when he goes to college. Go Designated Dave

11. Cheerleaders Don’t Have To Wear The Same Thing

Seriously has every other TV show and Movie been lying to me?

12. Its Ok For You Yo Be Yourself At All Times

Nicole at the club getting jiggy with it

Miss Dee Vine - Who lost the weight, dyed her hair, got contacts and changed her own name. But realised it didn’t make you happy

13. It Has The Best Theme Song Ever - From Britney In Her Prime

Press play and enjoy - you know you want to

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