The Essential Ranking Of All 52 Characters From “One Tree Hill”

This is an attempt to rank all the main and recurring characters from all nine seasons of One Tree Hill. Spoilers ahead.

52. Nanny Carrie

No one tries to break up Naley and kidnap Jamie! NO ONE!

51. Ian Banks AKA “Psycho Derek”

A psycho and in love with a girl from the internet — catfishing in real life.

50. Katie Ryan

She dressed up as Clay’s dead wife and then shot him and his girlfriend.

49. Felix Taggaro

Cruel to Peyton and way too full of himself — next.

48. Nicki

She dragged Jake away and stole her baby back! You bitch!

47. Tara Richards

Annoying season nine “enemy” for Brooke — at least she had cute hair.

46. Emily Chambers AKA Jules

The CW / Via

How dare you break Keith’s heart! He was too nice for you.

45. Anna Taggaro

The first lesbian on the show — but she didn’t stick up for Peyton and was kinda annoying.

44. Taylor James

Middle child syndrome, who slept with Nathan and then kept trying to.

43. Lindsey Strauss

A B-grade character — boring and a placeholder for Peyton.

42. Miranda Stone

The CW / Via

Who was she again? That British record company lady who’s most memorable moment is wearing underwear in a full bar.

41. Lauren

Jamie’s teacher and Skills’ love interest — I cant remember much else from you.

40. Sara Evans

Clay’s dead wife — yawn.

39. Chuck Scolnik

The poor kid got beaten by his dad, but was super annoying and liked to punch people.

38. Junk Moretti

Other Rivercourt Guy #1.

37. Fergie Thompson

Other Rivercourt Guy #2.

36. Gigi Silveri

Early seasons’ Gigi was much better then slutty college grad Gigi. Stay young forever!

35. Ellie Harp

Peyton’s 2nd dead mom — but she was pretty cool and helped create the best benefit album.

34. Andy Hargrove

Karen’s husband — who was super rich and kinda bland. But he stood up to Dan once, so good for you.

33. Derek Sommers

Peyton’s real brother — he taught her to fight and to sleep after her attack by “Psycho Derek.” Nice guy.

32. Owen Morello

Totally hottie who got it on with Brooke. Then he kinda disappeared. Come back Owen.

31. Lydia James

The CW / Via

Hayley, Taylor and Quinn’s mom who died. Next story line.

30. Mia Catalano

Peyton’s first artist on Red Bedroom Records who also went on to date Chase.
She was fun and provided some good music.

29. Chase Adams

Lost his virginity to Brooke and then returned as the worst bartender in the world.
But he looked pretty good shirtless.

28. Cooper Lee

Hot Uncle Cooper — I too would lie about my age to sleep with you.

27. Sam Walker

Brooke’s foster child — she had some total spunk but had terrible eyeliner. She left Tree Hill to live with her mom and never returned.

26. Tim Smith

Nathan’s sidekick — so dumb but so funny.

25. Chris Keller

Yes, you tried to ruin Naley but you were hilariously evil and brought the comedy.

24. Quinn James

Married Clay, took some good photos. Very average character — but she looked very good in her underwear

23. Quentin Fields

I was so sad when Q was murdered. But your friendship with Jamie was so adorable.

22. Clay Evans

Had a dead wife, a stalker, married Quinn and had a child whose memory he suppressed. Busy guy.

21. Millicent Huxtable

Millie was awesome as Brooke’s assistant, but as model she was a total bitch. She was, however, a great role model to non size-0 girls.

20. Alex Dupre

Slutty actress turned musician. Loved her spunky attitude and how she showed that appearances are not what they seem with her suicide attempt.

19. Victoria Davis

Bitchtoria was a bitch. But I still loved her, especially when she became nice to Brooke but a bitch to the rest of the world.

18. “Skills” Taylor

Yes, he had questionable taste in women cough Deb cough. But he was so cool and often said what we all thought.

17. Julian Baker

The dick who broke Peyton’s heart but then became Brooke’s world. *Sigh* You were so lovely! But please stop with the movie quote references

16. Jake Jagielski

Come back Jake! Definitely the best teen dad in the world and he can also serenade you.

15. Larry Sawyer

Best dad! Whilst he was away a lot of the time, he was there when it was needed and looked out for both Peyton and Brooke.

14. Bevin Mirskey

The best cheerleader and was always the “dumb” friend. She brought the comic relief to the show and ended up with Skills at the end — score.

13. Dan Scott

Yes you shot your brother, went to prison, and ended up hosting a tacky television show, but what would Tree Hill be without you?

12. Karen Roe

Karen was the mother I wanted — understanding, caring, tries too hard to be cool, but overall so lovely.

11. Keith Scott

Lucas’s “surrogate” father and such a great role model for everyone. RIP Keith.

10. Whitey Durham

The coach everyone needs, with words of wisdom at the right times.

9. Deb Scott

The CW / Via

Crazy Deb, where do I start? Yes, you were a train wreck as a parent, but I love you and your kooky ways.

8. Hayley James Scott

Hayley — you were a little yawn for me, personally. But I couldn’t not put you in the top ten, as your relationship with Nathan was beautiful.

7. Jamie Scott

James Lucas Scott definitely brought the humor to season five and was so cute. Never grow up!

6. Marvin “Mouth” McFadden

The best dancer at all Tree Hill High and the guy that is everyone’s friend. You were loved by all and got the happily-ever-after you wanted.

5. Peyton Sawyer

Peyton had such a hard life, but her music and bad ass attitude got her through.

4. Lucas Scott

The hopeless romantic who for five seasons was in the three-way love triangle. You could also be really whiny and sometimes got annoying. But I still love season one Lucas!

3. Nathan Scott

Oh, Nathan! You were a dick who became the man every girl wants to end up with and were a great father. With you not being as whiny as Lucas, you get extra points.

2. Rachel Gatina

A controversial choice as I hated her at the start — but learned to love her! She had such spunk and confidence.

1. Brooke Davis

Seriously, did you expect anyone else? Brooke Davis had it all — ballsy, cheeky, beautiful, open to love, funny, talented. Oh, I love you Brooke.

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