The 15 Most Important Lessons Brooke Davis Taught Us!

Brooke Davis is without a doubt the best thing about One Tree Hill and in her 9 seasons here are some of her best lessons for us all!

1. The Differences Between Girls and Boys

Harsh but true.

2. Always Put Yourself On The Cover Of Your Magazine

Who wants to see anyone else when you can see someone with fabulous hair?

3. Everyone Feels Lost In Their Life At One Point Or Another

We all get it together at one point… Right?

4. Sexy Underwear Is Always A Good Idea

Especially if you look like that!

5. Every Girl Wants To Be A Priority And Fought For

As every girl wants to be important to someone they care for!

6. Cake Fixes Everything

Its also delicious

7. When You Find A Colour That Works For You - Wear It

For Brooke it was red and she rocked it

8. First Kisses Can Be The Best

And the hottest

9. The Truth About Boys

So true.

10. Anorexia Is Not Cool

Zero is not a size!

11. Brooking Yourself is Completly Normal

Via tumblr

Especially if its to Lucas - when he had the good hair.

12. Everybody Looks Great With Wind Swept Hair

Especially if a guy is telling you he loves you.

13. Hoes Over Bros

14. Everyone Can Change

No more silly drunk girl for you…

15. Live Like Their Is No Tomorrow

Go hard or go home


Oh Brooke Davis… How I love you. Never change!

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