How Alo And Mini Taught Us That Opposites Attract

Not many people liked Skins 3rd generation, but Alo (farmboy) and Mini (Bitch) fell in love, with many obstacles and completely different backgrounds. But it even made a cynic love them!

1. Meet Alo

Via E4

A cheeky redhead.
Likes: Pornography, His Dog, His Van and Partying

2. Meet Mini

Queen Bee
Likes: Her Hair, Fashion, Her Friends and Being Popular

3. Who Are Friends

Same friendship group, but they run in different circles

4. They Started Getting Friendly…

5. He Started To Get To Know Her

6. She Tried Dating Others

7. They Continued Getting Friendly

8. She Got Pregnant and Pulled Away

9. He Dated Others

10. He Confessed His Love - Even Though She Wasn’t Ready

11. She Realised She Loved Him Too

12. They Lived Happily Ever After

13. And Baby Made 3

14. Oh Alo and Mini - How I Love You…

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