Brenda Walsh’s Style Crimes On “Beverly Hills 90210”

Sure she had the best boyfriend on the show, but her style definitely left something to the imagination.

1. The Man Look

Even Dylan looks more feminine.

2. The Pirate Shirt, Headband, Striped Pants Outfit

The worse thing is she wore this when trying to seduce a teacher.

3. The Bulky Unflaterring Jumper

I seriously don’t even know where to start.

4. The “Fringe”

It took another season for this to look better.

5. The Skivvy and Headband Combo

6. Hillbilly Chick

If her hair and make up was better - it is nearly a pass

7. Her Eyebrows


8. The Jean Jacket

Please just loose the jacket! You are better then this

9. When She Went Blonde

10. Her Overalls

11. The Business Hooker Look

This is not how grown ups dress.

12. This Entire Look

At least your hair is amazing.

13. The White Outfit

Seriously how did Dylan ever find you attractive?

14. Sadly Not All Of Us Can Be Kelly

Oh Kelly - you are the fashion icon on the show! Never change

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