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54 Things That Happen On Every Episode Of "Geordie Shore"

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1. This program contains strong language and sexual references from the outset and throughout

2. Charlotte talks about how Gary is a bellend

3. Charlotte admits to falling in love with Gary

4. Charlotte cries over Gary hooking up with another girl

5. James goes on about how pretty his girlfriend is

6. Holly wears a top that shows off her assets

7. The girls look terrible during the day

8. Scotty T talks about how great he is a bucking girls

9. Scotty T & Gary go on the prowl

10. Gary hooks up with a girl who's name he doesn't know

11. The house is an absolute pigsty

12. Ring Ring.... the phone goes

13. Lots of pictures of the Tyne

14. Charlottes pees in a disgusting place

15. Holly flirts with everyone but never hooks up

16. Vicky calls someone a "twat"

17. James is there

18. Shots, shots, shots, shots

19. The F*ck Hut gets used

20. They all get into taxis

21. They all fall out of taxis

22. Somebody complains about going to work

23.Gary takes a "Worldie" home

24. Holly's hair looks terrible

25. Someone with a partner explains how they are going to stay faithful

26. Scotty T doesn't wear a shirt

27. Gary makes a pun about having sex

28. Vicky tells it like it is

29. You see Marnie and forget she was even on the show

30. People get half naked in the pool or hot tub

31. A girl leave the house looking ashamed after having sex with Gary or Scotty T

32. You wonder where Jay is and want him to come back

33. James does some weights

34. You don't understand what the hell they are talking about

35. The guys go on the prowl

36. Charlotte writes herself off

37. Someone says something twitter worthy

38. Someone leaves the house

39. The girls look extremely underdressed for the middle of winter

40. Holly has a crush on a guy in the house

41. Holly gets rejected by a guy in the house

42. They hit up the club

43. They talk about the "Family"

44. Gary is overall bit of a douche

45. Scotty T is a major douche

46. Charlotte says something dumb

47. The boys straighten their hair

48. Vicky has bitch face on

49. The go on a family outing that makes no sense

50. Someone vomits in their bed

51. Someone vomits on themselves

52. The boys do weights

53. The girls put on fake tan

54. You wonder how often the sheets get cleaned

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