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List Of YouTube's Best Beauty Vloggers

Whether you're looking to be a Contour Goddess or the Drag Queen, uh, Queen, this post will set you in the right direction.

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We're about to break down some of the most classic makeup and beauty hits with the help of my favorite YouTube vloggers. From skin care to contouring, all of your qualms and fears about going under the brush will be quelled by some of the industry's experts. So without further adieu, Ready. Set. BLEND!

Best Skincare Routine: Michelle Phan

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Michelle Phan is a beauty vlogger veteran. And while her skincare routine may seem a little excessive, her perfect, glowing skin is a testament to each product's benefits. Also, she encourages viewers to pick and choose what's right for them. Watch her break it down and decide what you should add to your daily routine!

Best Victoria's Secret Dupe: Desi Perkins

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The classic sexy Victoria's Secret doppelganger look is a popular among beauty bloggers. My personal favorite is done by the gorgeous Desi Perkins. Her look is far more accessible and minimal when it comes to putting on a full face look. She also offers a bonus hair how-to to help us achieve that signature bed-head style we see on the VS runway. With Desi's help people will be asking if you have a time share in Heaven itself!

Best Smokey Eye: Jaclyn Hill

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Everybody talks about the "Smokey Eye," but if you're anything like me (part troll) you've never actually successfully performed one on yourself. BUT with Jaclyn's help you might actually pull it off! The Smokey Eye is pretty much her signature look, so there's plenty of videos to choose from, including the one above.

Best Flirty Looks: Chloe Morello

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Chloe is the Down Under Beauty Treasure. If you want the perfect tutorial for a date night look, look no further. Chloe perfectly balances the art of highlighting specific features depending on your mood. Sometimes that means a pop of fun color on the lips, and other times she focuses in on completely glammed up eyes with fanned out lashes. Either way, each look makes us ready for some hot summer lovin'.

Best Use of Color: Jackie Aina

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OMG, I love this monochromatic springy tangerine look from Jackie Aina. This woman knows how to use color in such a fun, flirty, and attainable way. Jackie has such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to doing makeup for women of color. And, damn, if she doesn't have the prettiest smile.

Best Acne Coverage: Lisa Eldridge

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If there's one thing you take away from this post, make it this: This video is THE final say on perfect, natural-looking acne coverage. Seriously. I've heard so many people--beauty gurus and novices alike--reference the genius that is Lisa Eldridge in this video. This woman knows what she's talking about and we love to hear her say it. Lisa, mind reciting your skincare routine in lieu of our lullaby tonight? Thanks!

Best Mixed Bag: PatrickStarr

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I knew I had to include Patrick in my list, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what I would say his specialty look is. And that's basically because I love everything he does. He's so much fun to watch. Definitely expect a heavier look if you're following one of his tutorials. But, hey, some days you just feel like stepping out as your Ru Paul's Drag Race alter ego.

Best Vampy Look: Chrisspy

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Ooh, you could slit a man's throat with the sharp lines of Chrisspy's winged shadows and liners. But before you go all Gone Girl, at least watch Chrisspy's videos to see how you can achieve this lethal look yourself.

Best Contour for Light Skin Tones: NikkieTutorials

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I don't know about you guys, but I just can't hang with the "Kim Kardashian Contour" videos out there where the artists slap mud onto half of their face and what I can only assume is cream cheese to the other half, then "blend." While Nikkie's tutorial may still be a little heavy and dramatic for some, to me, it's just right and perfect for special occasions.

Best Contour for Dark Skin Tones: sonjdradeluxe AND beautybyjj

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View this video on YouTube / Via

I couldn't decide which one of these lovely ladies to choose for our brown beauties out there, so I chose to feature them both! You're welcome. So, obviously, a prerequisite for achieving this look is being naturally, outlandishly gorgeous. Just kidding! With their tips and tricks even an angler fish like you and I can transform into a flawless mermaid. Each vlogger has her own technique, so you can choose which one suits you best.

Phew! So much makeup! So much pretty! Such skill! Will a potato like me ever achieve such greatness?! Well, give me a wifi connection and an arsenal of makeup and brushes and I just might surprise you all.

If you have a beauty vlogger to add of your own, mention them in the comments!

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