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    • Sgnursey

      To completely lump the berkshires into a single “town” category makes this list widly misleading. It’s either ignorant, lazy, or both! Lee, MA has some wonderful local shops, dining, and antiquing. Lenox, MA is even more famous for outlets, adorable bed and breakfasts, TANGLEWOOD, cute restaurants, and local flair of artistry. And if you’re going to mention MassMoCA, you must include the Clark Art Institute with many famous paintings by Homer, Renoir, and other American and European artists! There is also The Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield, not to mention Mount Greylock in Lanesboro and North Adams, ranking as the tallest mountain in Massachustts. I could mention the Bridge of Flowers, Jiminy Peak, The Williams College Museum, Berkshire Botanical Gardens, and Arrowhead.
      You can’t lump the Berkshires into one destination site, it’s like listing Vegas as a casino.

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