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  • Celebrity Kung-Fu, Pit Your Favorite Squabbling Celeb (or Least Favorite) Against One Another … TO THE DEATH!

    Featuring: - Lady Gaga weapon: unleashing her horrific Poker Face - Perez Hilton weapon: throwing his typewriter - Nadya Suleman (aka Octomom) weapon: ejecting projectile babies - Jon Gosselin weapon: turning into a gigantic douche vaporizer - Kate Gosselin weapon: her trademark hair becomes a machine-gun-type weapon - Kanye West weapon: emits a rainbow auto-tune attack - Barack Obama weapon: releasing his peace doves, which hold down opponents for Barack’s attack - Glenn Beck weapon: cries like a baby and releases a torrential downpour - David Letterman weapon: throwing his famous cue cards - Sarah Palin weapon: shooting her moose shotgun

  • Tiger Woods Sext Generator

    We all thought Tiger’s sexts were hilarious, but honestly, couldn’t he have done better? whipped up the Tiger Woods Sext Generator so that now you too, can sext like Tiger Woods. Just fill out our simple form and you too are guaranteed to get your Escalade window smashed in by a hot blonde!

  • Oprah Is Dead (Video)

    With the announcement of Oprah Winfrey’s retirement, here’s a video for those of you who had any doubts about whether or not the fate of the entire world rested on the shoulders of Oprah Winfrey.

  • time-waster

    Unicorn Vs. Narwhal, The Game

    Two natural born enemies face off in a battle to the death in Unicorn Vs. Narwhal! Control six different characters (all horned, and mystical, of course) as they rumble in space, under water, and near a fantastical castle of course.

  • Milk Men

    Sidecar Comedy presents a note perfect parody of the hit show Mad Men, where milk is delivered, passions run deep, and it all looks like the 60s.

  • Hunting With Palin - Web Game

    Take aim as Sarah Palin with an assault rifle! Shoot rare Alaskan wildlife, Russian MiGs, and other enemies of freedom (Katie Couric not included).

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