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    • sfassi

      Who are any of you people who think that you have a right to comment about this baby’s appearance? Honestly… why would any of you feel that your hurtful comments are wanted or warranted? This baby and her parents have done nothing to you or judged you in any way so tell me why you feel compelled to judge them? Take a good long look in the mirror as I feel that you will begin to see the ugliness there that allowed those hateful comments… against an infant for goodness sake !!!… to spew out of you. You all must be so proud that you could hurl insults at a newborn baby… did you feel like heroes for calling out the family.. who, again, have done NOTHING to you…for not being your definition of perfection? It’s so easy to sit on your ass and type nasty words about people on the internet… why not try typing something kind instead? Truly, it takes a special kind of ego-maniac to insult a baby’s attractiveness.

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