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Which Distance Junior Are You?

YOU LOVE US!!!! Have fun finding out which sexy junior you are!!!

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  1. What are you doing Saturday night?

    Depends on my feeling! Either pampering myself or heading out with my girls
    I'm all about a good time. You can find me with a drink in my hand, dancing my ass off
    Watching a rom-com... or two.... or five (with all the hottest actors, of course)
    Visiting Target and spending the night in ... You can't go wrong with this!
    Worrying about my homework but last-minute deciding to go out
    Baking, heading to the track boys, or whatever... I'm flexible
    Depends.. No shame getting shit done in the lib or throwing down for the night or heading off-campus
    A perfect balance between time with my #1 and with my other besties. Either way I'm having fun!!!
  2. What's your pet peeve?

    Cheaters (academically and romantically)
    Annoying people DUH
    Liars and when people think they know everything
    When no one is paying attention to me
    When things don't go my way
    When people make fun of me #Rude
    Dirt, germs, not listening to what I'm saying... all the normal pet peeves
    Entitled bitches
  3. How do you handle an argument?

    Confront, with sass out the ass
    Ignore and ride it out
    Rant or silent treatment
    Lay down the law
    Forgive but don't forget
    Only face it if it's really bugging me
    I try to never let it get to that level
    I get frustrated... I drop it but I might hold a grudge, can't blame me
  4. Taste in men?

    Looks don't hurt but the personality matters more
    Athletic but not too muscular & a family man
    Someone tall and manly (can't go wrong with a soccer guy)
    Fit, brunette, looks good in glasses
    They come and they go, but if you're a fast runner it's definitely a plus
    Classic, All-American man with a strong jawline and secretly super sensitive
    Intelligent, sexy, and muscular
  5. What's your favorite food?

    Peanut butter, Bananas, Ben & Jerry's... I've got my standby favorites
    Froyo, M&M's, sprinkles, cereal, veggies... You get what you get
    Scrambled Eggs, Cheese, Bagels, Apples... I love ALL food
    Granola, Sushi, Salads
    Pasta, ice cream, omelets ... I'm not too picky
    Ginger Sesame Salad, Pierogies, Baja Fish Tacos ... there's good meals and bad meals
    Rice, Vegan grain bowl, Burrito bowls... but I'm always up to try something new
    Pasta pillows, chocolate cake, Plain spaghetti... anything carbs
  6. How would your friends describe you?

    Independent and bold
    Judgmental (but who isn't) and quirky
    Caring, laid back, understanding
    Spontaneous, Charismatic, outgoing
    Loyal, joyful, sweet-hearted with a side of sass
    Driven, intense, kind
    Hyper and sensitive
  7. How would you describe your style?

    Preppy pastels
    Simple but cute
    Casual but put together
    Comfy cute
    Safe To Bring Home To Mom [Mostly] ;)
    Edgy, hip, and overall BADASS
    Business casual but fun
    Comfortable but functional AF
  8. What keeps you up at night?

    What's your biggest fear? What do you worry about most?

  9. How would you describe your room?

    Everything in its place
    Depends on the day
    Clean, but lived in (let's be real)
    OH GOD lets not talk about it
    I really like to try to keep it organized
    Cluttered but sterile
    Decor is more important than cleanliness

Which Distance Junior Are You?

You got: Mallory Snyder

WHATS UP GIRLFRIEND its me!!!! Congrats on getting Mallory! Your classic blonde-hair, blue-eyed, tall, tan body has you destined for California-living one day. You've got the best luck, it's actually annoying sometimes. You're the life of the party!! Which is a good thing because if you weren't you'd low-key be super upset.

Mallory Snyder
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You got: Ellen Shephard

You got Ellen!!!! You are stubborn, sassy, and blunt. You're always down to get in on the gossip. You get good grades but procrastinate like crazy. And if anyone touches your bed... they're dead.

Ellen Shephard
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You got: Hayley Steckler

Congrats, you got Hayley!!!!! On the inside you're the biggest dork ever. Zac Efron will forever have your heart since High School Musical. You loved going abroad but also have a battle-scar to show for it (cheese-related).

Hayley Steckler
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You got: Emily Davidson

You got Emily!! Although sometimes your stress for school takes over, you are super sweet and loyal to your close friends. You love track more than air and would die without coffee, you know what I mean?

Emily Davidson
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You got: Jamee Hood

Hey Hey Hey you got Jamee!! You're a person worth getting to know because of your inner funny and sweet side. You're also like super good at math, have a great singing voice, and always down to dance!

Jamee Hood
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You got: Erin Shemeluk

HEY PRINCESS! You are a girl on her game, here to get shit done. Your aspirations include becoming a Victoria's Secret model (despite your height) and becoming Taylor Swift's best friend. Also congrats on having the shiniest hair in the world!!!!

Erin Shemeluk
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You got: Alex Tendler

Congrats!! You got Alex! You never fail to get the job done and no one should underestimate you. In another life you're a German Shepherd. You low-key could kick anyone's butt #BlackBelt

Alex Tendler
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You got: Jamie Pacilio

HEY BAD BITCH it's Jamie!! With a closet straight out of Urban Outfitters, you are equipped to take on anything that comes your way. You've proven that twin telepathy is real and although you may be lacking up top, your ass takes the cake.

Jamie Pacilio
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