Just A Typical Night...

Jonathan Daniel Brown, Bo Burnham, Some Dope People, And I In Hollywood Having A Couple Drinks And Chatting About My Sex Blog.

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So it starts out as a typical night. I get a text from my friend Jonathan Daniel Brown to come out drinking with him & some buddies. But there’s always this moment when I come out to hang that he always wants to showcase my blog to everyone. Casually in conversation he finds the perfect way to drop the bomb, ‘This is my friend Alex, & she actually writes a sex blog.’

I don’t mind being on a pedestal for entertainment, seeing as I have some pretty great stories to tell. And before I let my ego get the best of me, I do like to consider myself a ‘Sexpert.’ And the only reason I would give myself a title like that is I have a pretty open sex life where I am interested in trying almost anything, but I am also knowledgeable in different areas of sexuality, & I pursue a higher education for personal benefit when it comes to things I do not know as of yet.

So I show up & meet some pretty interesting people that night. One of those individuals was Comedy Central Comedian, Bo Burnham.. Who I was far too interested in spilling the details of my kinky sex life to like a giggly boy-crazed Japanese school girl. I’ve never really listened to his stand up before, but let me just tell you his sense of humor was quite on par with mine, not to mention his nerdy charm, that I could have gotten on the table & ripped my pants off & done the sexy dance for him.. dead sober. But I digress..

When it comes to conversing about ‘my sex blog,’ it somehow always turns into, ‘What are some of the kinkiest things you have done sexually.’ I’m not one to kiss & tell normally, let alone get freaky & dish, but when I do I love having something to say that makes people walk away with their jaws on the floor. One of my first ‘real’ relationships was when I was 17, & I dated a 27 year old. So before we hop on the weird, red-flag of awkward age gaps.. let’s just get to the good part. Shortly after dating I found out that he was a virgin, which didn’t bother me in the least. It’s great in a way being able to train someone just the way you like it. We met through work & it became one of those awkward situations because everyone at work had this assumption because I was a bit of a party girl, that I was also a sexual deviant. They weren’t too far off on that one.

So to feed the reputation, I would start suggesting interesting things to do in the bedroom. Living in Koreatown at the time, we didn’t have air conditioning.. so summers could be quite painful at times. One day we were both in the mood but frankly it was too hot to attempt anything. But we had these Popsicles in the freezer that were juuuuuuuust right. So we grabbed a couple from the freezer & while he was playing around with me down there he got the bold idea to DP me with them.

As a fan of cold things, this drove me absolutely nuts. It is one of the hottest things, ironically of course, to have a guy go down on you & make use of a couple ice cubes during playtime. So having something that is generally dildo shaped, & is ice cold to cool you down while things heat up was a fantastic & spontaneous thing I could only dream of.

Now normally when I tell people about the Popsicles, they are under the impression that I had two unwrapped Big Sticks shoved inside me. That isn’t the case at all & I would highly advise against doing that unless you want a nice yeast infection, & probably a painful one too. What I like to refer to as, ‘Ghetto Pops,’ since you can buy them in bulk at the 99 cent store, are more commonly known as, ‘Ice Pops.’ People also ask if the wrapper would hurt, which it becomes difficult to explain that the wrapper is curved on one end, & rounded very much so like the tip of a penis, so it makes it easy to insert & protects you from the sugary death awaiting inside. To give some better imagery of what they look like, I found a couple online that are more of the popular Asian brands.

As you can see from the images below, the Popsicles not only are fully rounded on one tip, but they also snap in half in the middle. So afterwards if you want to bump up the freak level in your story, it is more than easy enough to pull one out & break it off for a nice after sex snack.

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