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The 3 Week Diet - My Review. Does It Work?

I'm sure many of us have heard about "The 3 Week Diet". Personally, I have a hard time believing that anyone can get healthy in 3 weeks, but as a PT I figured it would be a fun experiment - worst case I'd get a good blog post, and warn others about it.

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There are a variety of diet plans that promise us on how we can lose a lot of weight if we follow them. Brian Flatt's 3-week diet plan is no different. Just as other diet plans, you may want to ask whether you can lose enough weight if you follow this plan.

Just as it is described by its name; the 3-week diet is a workout plan that takes place in three weeks. With its multiple components, this plan will teach you a totally different lifestyle that will not only help you lose weight but to help you keep it off. The 3-week diet plan entails proper food within it, and you need not use any pills for you to lose weight. The 3-week diet plan is specifically designed to help you shed as many pounds as possible within a span of three weeks. This weigh-lose plan can be downloaded as an eBook that will guide you on how to follow it.

Who is the author?

The 3-week diet plan is authored by Brian Flatt, a nutritionist, and healthcare coach, who has a degree in biology. Moreover, Brian Flatt is also a proprietor of REV Fitness and has had more than ten years of research experience in health-related matters. The 3-week diet plan is a product of ten years of Brian Flatt's research on how weight-loss can be achieved within the shortest period possible.

The 3 Week Diet Plan Components

The 3-week diet plan components are divided into three main categories, which are Exercise Plan, the Actual Diet, and Motivation, Willpower and Mindset.

1. The Diet Plan

The diet plan is the main component of the 3-week diet plan and is further sub-divided into the following four phases that have different elements.

Phase 1 (day-7)

During Phase 1 lasts for seven days, and expect to witness yourself losing a lot of weight around 2 to 10 pounds or more. If you follow this plan effectively, you are guaranteed to lose some weight. Phase 1 will cleanse your system, particularly the liver which is likely to have some health issues. Moreover, phase 1 plan offers a detailed explanation of the kind of food you are supposed to eat. In particular, this phase requires you to eat more vegetables and a variety of proteins, such as meat, fish, and fish. Also included by Brian is a detailed explanation on how to prepare your food. Further, this phase carefully sets a timetable that you will follow in eating your diet.

Phase 2 (day 8)

Phase 2 is just a 24-hour fast. The last meal from phase 1 must have been in the evening and must have entailed protein and greens from the permitted categories. Phase 2 will require you to have a 24-hour fast, which will last from dinner to dinner. This form of fasting will enable your body to complete a detox process, removing an enormous part of the fat-burning byproducts accumulated from phase 1. You are allowed to have the next meal the 8th day evening. For this meal, you are allowed to take a food of your choice, but you must ensure the carbohydrate content is minimal. Nonetheless, if you are unable to fast for 24 hours, then you need to repeat the meal plan you followed on day 7.

Phase 3 (9-11)

Phase three is referred to as the "fat phase." Between day 9 and 11, you are required to subscribe to the recommended calorie, while at the same time aiming at having at least 80 percent of the calories from the fats. Phase 3, which is characterized by high fat and low-calorie plan, has been indicated by many studies to be helpful in shedding extra weight.

Phase 4 (12-21)

In this plan, you will be confined to a customized calorie format that tallies with your unique BMR as well as the reasons for your weight loss aims. Knowing your BMR is simple if you follow Brian's calculations and metric structure. The calculations for men are different from those of women. Once you determine your BMR, it will be easy for you to structure your low-calorie diet plan.

The Exercises

Though the diet plan in the procedure can make you lose extra pounds faster, some exercises can enhance the processing of losing fat quicker. Many dietary plans are a failure because they are not properly complemented by exercises. During exercises, weight loss is due to the intensity of the workouts but not the duration. The Brian plan requires you to high intensity workouts for about 20 to 30 minutes a day for three days a week. Notably, the exercises in this plan combine cardio workouts and resistance training, which are helpful in stirring up your metabolic rate to burn off extra fats. There are four basic exercises in the 3-week diet plan, and they include:

* Goblet Squat

* Bent-Over Row

* Dumbbell Incline Bench Press

* Dumbbell Upright Row

3. Motivation, Willpower, and Mindset

This section disposes of a variety of reoccurring and popular myths regarding willpower that curtails the success of most people. Besides being a captivating section, this part is also important in the 3-week diet plan. Mainly, this section will enable you to scale through your willpower challenges while at the same time offering you many easy alternatives that assure you quick success on your weight loss. In fact, weight loss success is achieved if you have a right mindset. If you can maintain a right mindset, you are assured of achieving your goal of losing extra weight.

Pros and Cons

Just like any other workout and diet plan, our extensive review indicates that it contains some strengths and weakness.


* Everything in the plan is well organized in distinct sections. Additionally, the content in the plan is easy to read and follow. Unlike other plans with complicated language, this plan is written in a layman's language.

* Both the diet plan and the workouts in this plan are easily followed.

* On top of helping you shed your extra weight, it also helps you to teach your brain and body to live a healthier lifestyle, which is critical to losing extra pounds as well as keeping them off.

* The plan is based on short and result-oriented workouts

* You will get a 60-day money back guarantee.


The manual of this plan does not contain videos that will guide you step by step. The only thing that is included is an explanation on how to go about the particular workouts within your three weeks experience. In fact, we would have liked to see the videos for those workouts to see in detail how they are executed. Though you can easily find those workouts on the internet, it would be better for Brian to include them in the plan.


As in most of the diet and workout plans available, there is nothing wrong with the 3-week diet plan. The plan seems to have much strength as compared to its weaknesses. It will not cost anything if you give it a try and see whether it can result in desirable outcomes. If you at the end of the three weeks you will not have had the results you wanted; then be assured that your money will be fully refunded.

You can read more about the program and results here

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