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Abandoned Victorian Girls School

The Bennett School for Girls aka Halycon Hall is one of New York State's most beautifully deteriorated historical buildings

SethColegrove • One year ago

Michael Myer's Confession Video

Halloween's Michael Myers tells it all in this note card confessional.

SethColegrove • 2 years ago

Ths Music Of Horror

A creative mashup of the best horror movie music.

SethColegrove • 2 years ago

Donald Trump As Famous Movie Villains

A collection of Donald Trumps many roles as the face of evil

SethColegrove • 3 years ago

STAR WARS Characters In HORROR Movies

A mashup of Star Wars characters in famous horror movies.

SethColegrove • 3 years ago

Kevin McCallister's Home Alone Re-Mix

A tribute to this movie with a remix of music, sound effects, and dialogue.

SethColegrove • 3 years ago


A music video remix of the Christmas classic, Home Alone

SethColegrove • 3 years ago

Funny Dog Vs Balloon Video!

A quirky compilation of our lil Lily, the yorkie, jumping at balloons, chasing balloons, and shaking balloons

SethColegrove • 4 years ago