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13 Things About Friends "Friends" Taught You

Time to be appreciative of Friends, and your actual friends.

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1. Friends do stupid things together

Friends won't let you do stupid things a lone. Actually, if you remember, most of those memorable and sometimes silly actions had a friend in them. Joey and Chandler made sure that they took part in the silliest activities together. Because that's what friends do.

2. Friends fight

Friends will inevitably fight. Maybe for the stupidest things. It will take a while, or another person, to stop the fight. Lucky for Monica and Rachel, Phoebe was there to break up their fight, otherwise these two would have probably killed each other. But hopefully, your fights won't get that extreme...

3. Friends might shock and betray you

Sometimes, friends don't think and are insensitive to your feelings for a brief moment. When Chandler was falling for Joey's gf...well...Joey did not sit well with that. And he had every right to be upset.

4. But if they are a true friend, they will find a way to redeem themselves

Chandler doesn't want to lose Joey as a friend, so he is willing to box himself up in order to redeem himself. He valued their friendship that much...being in a box for four hours is not easy.

5. Friends will forgive you

And if the friendship is strong enough, then the friend who was wronged will eventually find it in their hearts to forgive you. Look at that bromance, Joey just couldn't stay mad at Chandler.

6. Friends can be brutally honest

You appreciate the honesty, but sometimes, it's a bit brutal. We all have friends like that, but sometimes, it's just a tad harsh, and it tends to make us cry a little in the inside. But they don't need to know that

7. Friends will have a significant other you can't stand

At one point in your life, you will have to put up with your friends significant other, no matter how much you despise them. Why? Because you love your friend and know that right now, they don't see what you see. But who is here to stay? You. So you stick by their side, no matter how annoying the ride. It can't get worse than Janice though...hopefully.

9. Friends will get defensive and jealous sometimes

Whether it's over your love life, your single life, or that new look your rocking, friends sometimes get the green eye. You just have to either confront it, or try not to let it get to you. After all, your no angel either

11. Friends fall for each other

In a group of friends, friends can fall in love with each other. Sometimes that's the best kind of love. And your whole group will either rejoice...or it may take awhile to readjust to the idea of it

12. Friends may leave for a while...

You might not get to see this person in a couple of days, several weeks, or even a couple of years. It makes you sad, and worry that you guys might lose contact with each other.

13. But they always come back

If the friendship was strong enough, your friends will eventually come back and you guys will reunite in joyous screams of delight. That's when you know you have a true friendship.

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