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11 Heroines In Disney To Look Up To

There are a couple of women who are strong role models for both girls and women out there. You are never too old to learn from these powerful disney women.

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She's not just a beautiful dancer either. She's very witty with her mind, and savvy with the sword. She's basically a force to be reckoned with...she might want to tone down on the aggressiveness a bit though.

9. Elsa

She's not my number one for several reasons, but she's still awesome. She isn't afraid to be a lone, and is one of the few female heroines who is seen without a man in her life. Maybe if women were happier with themselves they wouldn't mind being a lone either?

She's also good at keeping her emotions in check...for the most part. Unfortunately, she doesn't handle stress very well, and chooses running away as her only option from her problem, something we can overlook because she's still one independent, powerful woman!

8. Anna

She's considered more admirable than Elsa because she's very down to earth, and shows a realistic good and bad side. No one wakes up looking like sleeping beauty, No One. She's also pretty quirky, showing girls it's cute and adorable to have a little bit of uniqueness and spunk.

Most importantly, she sacrifices herself to save her sister. It's such an admirable quality to see someone selflessly save the life of another. Anna is all about love, and teaches girls to have boundless love for their family.

7. Jasmine

Jasmine is important for girls to look up to because she strictly establishes her value as a woman. She is NOT an object, she is a human and emphasizes many times that she can make her own decisions.

And although financial security can be important, it shouldn't be a factor when it comes to choosing someone. You should be able to stand on your own toes. Yes, she's a princess, so she probably doesn't ever have to worry about money. But still, she doesn't care for status, or money. She did care that Aladdin lied to her several times...and got pretty mad. Lying is not ok.

6. Belle

She's a nerd, and that's perfectly fine. It's sexy and empowering actually. Knowledge is power after all, and with the amount she reads, she probably has a lot of knowledge in that beautiful head of hers.

She also immediately see's past Gaston's conceited charming self, maybe the only one in town to do so? Although it took time, when she finally saw that Beast had a kind heart, she fell for him. Don't just judge a book by its cover ladies; overstated, but not listened to enough

5. Tiana

Tiana is one tough cookie. For all the women who have crazy schedules, this girl should be your role model. She always plasters a smile on her face, despite how tired and overworked she is. Unfortunately, this obsession with working can make you oblivious to the joys in life...

4. Mergara

This girl has been through a lot. And she has learned to handle most of her situations by herself. She's still so sassy when dealing with that centaur while telling Hercules that she basically doesn't need him.

Many women use the excuse that men are all jerks, or that their previous, failed relationship is an excuse for them to act a certain way. Mergara is a classic example, but despite the wrong doings she's committed for Hades she learns her lesson and redeems herself in the end by saving Hercules. She opens her heart up to a guy worthy of it, and although she had to learn the hard way, she still learned.

3. Kida

Everyone probably forgot about Kida from Atlantis, which is a shame. She proves her proficiency in many languages, a very useful quality when meeting new people. This makes her warm, friendly and very welcoming towards the explorers.

She's very curious, maybe that's why she's so knowledgeable? Don't be afraid to ask questions, you can only learn from them. She also tries to find ways to save her people and kingdom through different methods. Pretty strategic and creative.

2. Merida

Merida isn't ready to go through an arranged marriage, similarly to Jasmine. Not only does she out perform the guys through some great archery skills, she takes action, not just words, to voice her opinion.

And although she turned her mother into a the end she learns to be very diplomatic by telling the elders that the new generation should choose their own fates. In front of a huge audience. She matured a bit and made her mother proud in the process.

1. Mulan

She is number one for many reasons. She already knows who she is but tries to conform to what her parents what, making her a dutiful daughter in the beginning. And...all that make up? No one needs that much make up, Mulan proves she is naturally beautiful.

More importantly, Mulan not only takes the place of her father to save him, she endures brutal boot camp and hate from her peers for a while. But then, with pure determination, she conquers her obstacles and proves that she doesn't need to be a man to do so. In fact, pretty sure she put the guys there to shame. Did I mention that she helped save China? Biggest role model, right here.

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