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    The 20 Worst Feelings You Experience When You Break An Appliance

    From denying its broken to calling an experienced professional, these are the thoughts and feelings you know TOO WELL when it comes to appliance breakdown and repair.

    1. Your jaw drops when you realize your beloved appliance is no longer working.

    2. You deny that it’s actually broken.

    3. But then you realize, this is NO joke.

    4. And you curse the people responsible for making a faulty product.

    5. When the anger subsides, you think you can fix it yourself.

    6. So you give it a try…

    7. But you soon realize that you can’t.

    8. But then it dawns on you...

    9. You whip out your best manners and make a quick call.

    10. But the technician will not be arriving for several hours.

    11. So you think about what you could do to pass the time.

    12. The first thing that comes to mind is food.

    13. Then you search around for additional entertainment.

    14. But alas, you’re still bored, and help has yet to arrive.

    15. Finally, when the doorbell rings, you scream with excitement.

    16. After letting him in, you follow him around to learn how to fix this on your own next time.

    17. But he’s an expert, and fixes it before you can figure out what was wrong.

    18. ...but that doesn’t matter, because you’re back in action!

    19. He lets himself out of the house while you bask in the glory of modern science.

    20. Finally, once the dust has settled, you do some reflection...

    Do steps 10-14 sound all too familiar? There's nothing worse than the indefinite wait for a technician to arrive at your house. Heck, you've got things to do, and you shouldn't have to be a prisoner to your own home. Even worse than being late, they might arrive without the right tools, parts, or knowledge of what he's actually there to fix. These guys keep our world running. Think about suggesting ServiceMax to your tech to get him or her in and out of your home with speed, efficiency, and success.