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Idea For 5 Day Scandinavia Trip

Have you often met Norwegians during other travels? Most likely not. Do you know why? For the Norwegians, there is nothing better than putting their backpacks in the trunk, attaching bicycles to the roof of the car and going on a trip... around the regions of their own country. Yes, the ideal vacation for them is to go (swim, walk) to their native places, admire the northern landscapes and spend the night in a tent. And the point is not that they cannot afford trips to other countries — they can! They just don’t need this. We can understand them: the one who once visited Norway, saw the fjords with his own eyes, inhaled fresh air, wandered through pastures and forests, tasted a thick soup of chanterelle and brown cheese “Brunost”, rode the famed Flåm railway, enjoyed silence on the shores of the bays, - will certainly want to come back here again.

SerjioNord • 5 months ago

7 Reasons To Visit Norwegian Trondheim

Those who seek the Northern Lights usually go to the north of the Arctic. Oslo, however, attracts those who are one way or another connected with art – and all other cities in Norway are forgotten. But leave some space and time in your schedule for Trondheim, the former capital and third largest city in the country.

SerjioNord • 5 months ago