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14 Instagram Comics Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Sunday funnies came early this week.

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1. @dorrismcomics

dorrismcomics / Via Instagram: @dorrismccomics

London-based cartoonist Alex Norris creates blobs who are relatable AF.

2. @bethdrawsthings

Instagram: @bethdrawsthings

Highly introspective and piercingly insightful, Beth Evans will certainly make you go: "I totally know how that feels".

3. @sadanimalfacts

Instagram: @sadanimalfacts

Scrolling through Brooke Barker's Sad Animal Facts is like riding a roller coaster — lots of fun but somehow you end up with tears in your eyes.

4. @natemorebikes

Instagram: @natemorebikes

Let's be honest, we're all secretly 5 year-olds and will laugh at butt jokes. And Nathan Bulmer of @natemorebikes does just that — with standalone comics that offer ironic punchlines, silly dick jokes, and more butts!

5. @catsuthecat

catsuthecat / Via Instagram: @catsuthecat

For cats who own humans, @catsuthecat is hilariously accurate. Plus, it's absolutely hard to not fall in love with the comic's main muse, Dita.

6. @butlikemaybe

butlikemaybe / Via Instagram: @butlikemaybe

@butlikemaybe is like Carrie Bradshaw, if Carrie Bradshaw is a 20-something millennial, with less money and wayyy more sass. Ok, so she's more Daria. Whatever it is, you'll end up obsessed.

7. @warandpeas

warandpeas / Via Instagram: @war

@warandpeas is clever, dark and almost always end in a brilliant plot twist. It features a variety of wonderful characters for you to love, including the sassy robot, the considerate grim reaper and the adorably shy ghost.

8. @lizclimo

When she's not busy working as an animator on The Simpsons, Liz Climo illustrates adorable cartoon animals in everyday conversations. Totes cute, much fun.

9. @catanacomics

catanacomics / Via Instagram: @catanacomics

Catana is pretty much all of us in long-term relationships. Excuse me while I spam my partner with EVERY SINGLE comic strip.

10. @jakelikesonions

jakelikesonions / Via Instagram: @jakelikesonions

In classic 4-panels and amazingly detailed illustrations, @jakelikesonions explores almost every topic with plenty of unexpected twists and absurd humor.

11. @cujkocomics

cujkocomics / Via Instagram: @cujkocomics

@cujkocomics is new on Instagram and their punchlines are equally fresh.

12. @barelyfunctionaladult / Via Instagram: @barelyfunctionaladult

What's the point of being an adult if you can't legitimately turn your experiences into really cute cartoons?

13. @benjiinthebox

benjiinthebox / Via Instagram: @benjiinthebox

For @benjiinthebox, it's all about the visuals. His illustrations are amazingly colorful yet surprisingly woeful as he explores the struggles of everyday life.

14. @deepdarkfears

deepdarkfears / Via Instagram: @deepdarkfears

Reading through @deepdarkfears can sometimes make you feel like you're reading /r/NoSleep in comic-form. While they may not necessarily make you LOL, the stories submitted are so relatable, you just have to click follow.

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