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A Night With An Infant In 10 Images

Bed time used to be a happy time...

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[baby monitor lights up] "She's moving."

wiffles / Via

"Do you want to get her, or should I?"

zarariel / Via

"What? This is my usual breastfeeding-in-the-middle-of-the-night face."

Carolyn MaKayla Durrans / Via

"No. No. I just put you down. You were sleeping."

AKnight2009 / Via

"Oh, that's fine, dear. You just keep on sleeping through this mess."

anujvelu / Via

"How? How can you scream for so long?"

Rose / Via

"Alright, kid. It's been 2 hours and you're finally down. I dare you to wake up."

"No. God. No. I don't-- I need-- What do I do?"

Jack-And-David / Via

"I don't remember sleep."

Tenor / Via

"Wait... wait... omg. OMG. I think she's down. I think that's it."

The Verge / Via

[2 brief hours of sleep later...] [baby monitor lights up] "She's moving."

wiffles / Via


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