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Social Media - Bye Bye Bye

Deleting all social media for two weeks ... #liveordietrying #wilIISurive

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First Day of Class

This actually all started from a lecture in my Art & Technology class on how technology has affected people's everyday life...

Social Media literally sucks people into a different realm of addiction

in the search of approval & acceptance

Are you crazy?

(I know, ironic huh? A class on technology and first idea that pops up into my brain is to refrain from social media use. )

Let's make progress!


With the flood of midterms that were coming around the corner just a few weeks ago it seemed like a pretty productive idea. (Where my quarter system students at? LOL) #motivation

The horrific act: CTRL + A + DELETE

The idea of deleting apps (even for a day) makes people shake in horror like the way the apps shake in fear when you're about to delete the little guys

When you thought the only thing you'd be saying "bye" to during this time was your apps...


But, it's actually the people that are obsessed with the number of likes on their post who piss you off

Only Drawback...

It definitely made it a bit more difficult to keep in touch with everyone (or realize the more important/real relationships in my life) but, to be honest, what I missed the most would be, not being able to watch cute doggie videos everyday #dogsaremylife #crazydoglady

And just like that 2 weeks were over...


leaving me feeling less stressed about keeping in the loop with all the hottest trends, and liberated for not being tied down to the opinions of others by the number of likes/ comments

I did it, and have never been happier!

Me: Yay it's been 2 weeks, back to social media... Me to me: This was one of the most amazing experiences, being able to learn more about myself and who I really am without the opinions of social media

And so...

to try it out, even just for a day. Share your experience/ opinions down below (:

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