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It Took Us 8 Hours To Make This Optical Illusion Cake (530 Pieces Of Fondant)

Ouchi Optical Illusion Cake by LYONA Cakes

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Optical Illusion Cake - Making Of Video

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This cake recreates the famous Ouchi illusion, where a central disk of black-and-white rectangles appears to float and shift above the checkered background.

The illusion was created by Japanese artist Hajime Ouchi and the effect is intensified as you move your eyes over the pattern.

We created the effect using 530 individual pieces of black-and-white fondant and with meticulous precision.

Who are we?

We are LYONA Cakes, a custom cake company based in Geneva, Switzerland, specialized in making eye-catching cake art. Discover on our site some of the pieces we are particularly proud such as our second Optical illusion cake, our Pokemon cupcakes, and our Emirates plane.

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