33 Utterly Adorable Photos Of Itty Bitty Foster Kitties

Before they can be adopted, they have to grow up a bit - and steal your heart in the process.

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For several years, Laurie Cinotto has been blogging about the kittens she and her husband have fostered in the Tacoma, Washington area, on Wylla is the most recent kitten they've fostered, and the first they've decided to keep. As Laurie put it, "Nothing cinches a bond like a medical crisis."



Before kittens can be adopted out, they need to be big enough to get their shots and be spayed or neutered. Cinotto is a professional crafter, and working from home allows her to feed them on a constant schedule - these kittens are almost always abandoned by people who didn't spay the mothers, but keep her and separate them.



The kittens are fostered through the Tacoma and Pierce County Humane Society. While most kittens around the country will return to the Humane Society for adoption once they're eligible, the popularity of Cinotto's blog has helped her be able to find homes for the kittens without them ever needing to leave (until they're adopted, that is!). While some take longer (see wee little Wendell!) all eventually find their perfect families.



Some fun fundraiser bonuses include the opportunity to name kittens! Each family that comes through gets a last name, and the individuals all get first names. While most are named by their foster parents, one family each year is named by some generous donors.



There have been some sad days in the IBKC's history. Jerry Lee was an incredibly sweet young kitten, but he was also very ill. His last day was filled with love and as much beauty as they could show this little boy.



Most of the time adoption of IBKC kittens is restricted to people in the Seattle-Tacoma area of Washington. Nigel and Mimsey Frost were two of the few exceptions - they ended up moving to Iowa!



With Wylla, the IBKC now has two permanent kitties again. Until her passing in 2010, the second position had been filled by Drewey, Cinotto's first cat - and the IBKC's resident "little old lady".

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