22 Pictures Of Ridiculously Tiny Food You Wish You Could Eat

It’s adorable. It’s made by hand. It’s also completely fake.

1. Welcome to the Sweet Shop!

If you’re going to go for tiny sweets, you ought to go all-out - the Littlest Sweet Shop is all about the whole display.

3. Wearable Veggies

These tiny vegetables have been gathered together, but the little rings at the top show their true purpose - charms designed for jewelry.

4. Wear Your Fortune

Keep your fortune with you all the time with this polymer clay cookie necklace, with a “love” fortune.

5. Warm Yourself Up

Summer might be here in the northern hemisphere, but this still makes me extra thirsty…

6. Pie for the Fridge

This absolutely adorable little pie has been made as a magnet - and only costs $5!

7. Keep Breakfast Handy

If you’d rather keep the everyday goodies with you, why not wear these cereals? Don’t worry - the milk won’t drip out!

8. Top Of The Line

When it comes to quality, detail, and variety, Bon-AppetEats is hard to beat.

11. Glistening Fruits

One of the most impressive things about these pieces is how they can convince the eye of textures and transparencies. Even though I know better, I still feel like I could eat these.

12. Never Leave Without Bacon

Friends may still try to steal your bacon, but at least this way you might get it back in a form you still like.

13. Bread From The French

These tiny breads are astonishing in their variety - fitting, then, that their creator hails from France.


She also understands that Christmas season starts on Oct. 1st ;)

15. Speaking Of Rainbows…

17. Make Your Own S’Mores


Keep in the summer spirit with these sundaes.

19. Don’t Forget Autumn!

It’ll come eventually - might as well be cute!


In the meantime, enjoy your ramen.


22. And Rock On

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