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    • SeraMoon

      Do any of you remmember being that boy’s age(maybe 6 or 7 years old)?? It’s the age of “I don’t like girls, they have cooties” or “I don’t like boys, they are gross”, so it’s normal for him to not want any more girls in the house, and you don’t know how the family lives. Maybe he has to share a room with his sisters and it may be full of girl stuff, the dad saw that his son upset and is just trying to calm him down, nothing wrong with that. And the gender reveal is a fun way to tell the kids what the baby is going to be, plus they get to eat cake. And come on, how could the parents know that the boy would go on full tantrum mode? they might have know he would be a little upset, and come on, you’ve seen worst stuff on youtube. Just chill ppl.

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