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    I Had Jay Park, PENTAGON, And Other K-Pop Stars To Reveal Their Favourite Songs, And I Am In Love With Their Choices

    "That's a song I really want to recommend to my fans."

    Hi everyone! 👋 I'm Sepideh, but everyone calls me Sepi. I'm a video producer for BuzzFeed UK, and I LOVE music. I'm really into K-pop, K-hip-hop, and R&B, so when I recently got the opportunity to attend the biggest outdoor K-pop festival in Europe – MIK Festival – I was hyped.

    Once again, I asked the artists what they like to listen to themselves! I asked them to tell us their favourite song to listen to on late night drives, their favourite British song, and many more of their "faves"! Here's what they had to say.

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    Jay Park

    Jay Park: Recently, I've been listening to Justin Bieber's albums the most. To be honest, I don't listen to music much!

    Sepi: Oh really?!

    Jay Park: Yeah, I used to, but I dunno... There's so much music coming out all the time, and I don’t wanna spend all my time trying to find what to listen to, but if I had to pick it would be Justin Bieber. I love his song "Peaches", I really like that one.


    LeeHi: I've been listening to a lot of Janet Jackson songs. One of my favourites is "Funny How Time Flies", I've been listening to that a lot lately!

    Sepi: Ooooh Janet Jackson! I adore her, a real classic.


    GRAY: It has to be Joji, "Glimpse of Us". I really like his voice and tone a lot, plus the mood of the song is really nice.

    *GRAY sings a bit of "Glimpse of Us"*

    Sepi: Oooooh! Let's go, that was beautiful!

    *GRAY chuckles and smiles*


    Loco: Maybe "Boredom" by Tyler the Creator. *Starts singing a bit of the song.* I just love the melody!


    pH-1: It's different every time, but the most repeated song right now is Calvin Harris "New Money" ft. 21 Savage. Do you know that song?

    Sepi: I've not listened to it, but he was a key artist I listened to back in secondary school. He produced some of my favourite songs of my teenage years, and I love his albums I Created Disco and Ready For The Weekend.

    pH-1: Yeah! I really like his music and his songs are really easy to listen to.


    Yeo One (여원): I've been listening to "As I Am" by Yerin Baek lately, and I also really like "As It Was" by Harry Styles too! They're fun and calming and I don't think about anything else when I listen to them.

    Kino (키노): I have to borrow the same answer as I love "As It Was" too! I feel like that song is very suited to the weather recently.

    *Jinho (진호) and Sepi burst out singing the chorus together.*

    Shinwon (신원): Oh, I also have one! "Part Of The Band" by The 1975.

    Wooseok (우석): I really like UK Hip-Hop! Ar… *thinks about the name*

    Sepi: Is it ArrDee?

    Wooseok (우석): Yes! "Oliver Twist" is my favourite. *Sings Oliver Twist and twirls.*


    DOK2: I listen to a lot of H.E.R as well as Jorja Smith. Shoutout to Jorja Smith! If I had to choose right now though, it would be "Steady" by WizKid.

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    Jay Park

    Jay Park: I can't think of a specific song, but artists like Skepta, Sam Smith, Stormzy, and Adele are all good. I feel everyone in the UK Hip-Hop scene is very stylish! For me, I like to listen to their flow and their style.


    GRAY: Mmmm, there are so many!

    Sepi: I know, it's not an easy choice when there are so many to choose from!

    *GRAY starts singing "Watermelon Sugar" by Harry Styles.* 

    GRAY: Also, I really like Jacob Collier, especially his song "All I Need". 

    *GRAY and Sepi start singing the chorus together.*


    Loco: Oh it has to be "Hey Jude" by The Beatles.

    *Loco and Sepi start singing together.*

    Sepi: That's a classic!


    pH-1: I like AJ Tracey!

    Sepi: No wayyyy, yes! I like AJ Tracey too.

    pH-1: I feel like everybody loves AJ Tracey! The track is "West Ten" featuring Mabel. *Harry starts singing the intro.*

    Sepi: I feel like AJ Tracey is quite popular in Korea, no?

    pH-1: Yeah, for like the avid Hip-Hop listener in Korea, sure!


    Shinwon (신원): I love One Direction, especially "Midnight Memories" and "Sign Of The Times" by Harry Styles.

    Wooseok (우석): Oasis!

    *Everyone gets excited at the mention of Oasis.*

    Kino (키노) & Jinho (진호): "Champagne Supernova", "Don't Look Back In Anger".

    Sepi: Are Oasis really popular in South Korea?

    Wooseok (우석) & Shinwon (신원): Yeah! Really! Legendary. Sometimes they come to Korea.

    Yuto (유토/安達 祐人): Their guitar solos are really nice!

    Jinho (진호): I saw an interview where Noel Gallagher said that he doesn't know why South Korea loves him so much.

    Kino (키노): For me, I have to say Coldplay are my ultimate favourite British artists especially the song "Magic".

    Yeo One (여원): My favourite is "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse. *He starts enthusiastically singing it.*

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    Jay Park

    Jay Park: So… whatever the gym is playing, to be honest! Let's say I am working out at home, I would put on Meek Mill because like his tone and his flow is super high energy. "Dreams and Nightmares" is definitely a go-to.

    Sepi: Do you not have a workout playlist?

    Jay Park: You know what, I don't! It’s weird, I make a lot of music and people are always surprised when I say I don't listen to much music myself. I used to listen to all the new album releases, maybe I'm a bit jaded, maybe I need a rest! It's my job, so I'm around it all the time, that's the thing.

    Sepi: That totally makes sense!


    LeeHi: Crystal Water, "Gypsy Woman". That's a classic House song! I've been working out hard for this festival and I've been playing that a lot.

    Sepi: That is SUCH a classic, LeeHi!


    GRAY: Ooooh…. *thinks hard about this question*. I’d have to say "Chosen" by Blxst. 

    *GRAY starts singing the chorus and then starts laughing because of the lyrics.*

    Sepi: It's a great song – a super catchy one, hey?


    Loco: Nowadays, when I work out, I play Aminé’s recent album TWOPOINTFIVE. The whole album is so good. He has a really great style and his vocals are just so brilliant.


    pH-1: A lot of times it's just straight up techno! I worked out this morning so the most recent song I listened to whilst working out was Quavo and Take Off, "Hotel Lobby".

    Sepi: Okaaaaay! I see you, Harry!

    pH-1: For real though, that song gets me all pumped up and I feel like I can lift more.

    Sepi: The fact that you said techno earlier – I can totally imagine you just like really zoning in!

    pH-1: Yeah! The thing about techno is, it's mindless. It's just like, boom boom boom boom.


    Yeo One (여원): I listen to drama OST's original soundtrack when I work out. The one I've been listening to is "Diamond" by Ha Hyun Woo from the drama Itaewon Class because the lyrics are very motivating for me.

    Shinwon (신원): I really enjoy Queen! 

    *Kino (키노) and Sepi sing QUEEN!*

    Shinwon (신원): When I'm in the gym, it's always "We Will Rock You" and also "Another One Bites The Dust".

    Yuto (유토/安達 祐人): Mine is Travis Scott "Goosebumps" remix. I love that!


    DOK2: Gym? I don't go to the gym.

    *We all laugh.*

    DOK2: That's a fact! I don't go to the gym ever. I just meditate. I go to the ocean around 6/8am sunrise. That's it.

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    Jay Park

    Jay Park: I actually turn on podcasts or bible verses in the rain or something like that.

    Sepi: Any go to podcasts?

    Jay Park: I listen to a lot of MMA stuff! They talk about the fighters, events coming up, etc. Ever since I was young I've always been into things like wrestling, then I got really into battle rap and now I'm really into MMA and stuff.


    LeeHi: Definitely "Is It Still Good To Ya" by Teddy Pendergrass. That song is really a vibe and helps me settle down to sleep.

    Sepi: LeeHi, you are a woman of TASTE.


    GRAY: *GRAY goes into deep thought.* This is a hard one! 

    Sepi: I really love listening to artists like Bruno Major to help me go to sleep.

    GRAY: Oh, I love Bruno Major too! As well as him, Stevie Wonder "Moon Blue" is one of my favourites to listen to to help me sleep. That song makes me feel really comfortable.

    Sepi: STOP. I adore Stevie Wonder! Really big Stevie Wonder fans in the house here.


    Loco: "Can't Sleep" By Loco... *smiles widely.*

    Sepi: I see what you did there, great choice!


    Jinho (진호): It has to be "Music For A Sushi Restaurant" by Harry Styles.

    Kino (키노): The first track? It's quite a loud song Jinho.

    Jinho (진호): I like really loud music when I sleep!

    Sepi: I personally like calming music when I sleep, something like a Bruno Major vibe.

    Kino (키노): Me too, Sepi! That makes sense, I totally agree with you. I can sense your energy. However, for me I like '50s and '60s music like Chet Baker and Wes Montgomery.

    Sepi: I love Chet Baker, especially "My Funny Valentine".

    *Kino (키노) and Sepi start singing the chorus together.*

    Yeo One (여원): I really like Cigarettes After Sex's song "Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby". It's such a great song.

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    Jay Park

    Jay Park: Probably Usher!

    Sepi: Yeah, Yeah! Solid choice. I love a bit of Omarion myself, I have to admit. *Starts singing "Touch" by Omarion.*

    Jay Park: Oh yeah! If you've probably seen my style, it's definitely heavily influenced by people who dance and sing like Usher and Omarion.


    LeeHi: I like to sing Ann's song "Love Alone". I like her songs a lot!


    GRAY: Eminem, "Lose Yourself" is a go-to song! 

    *GRAY bursts into singing and, of course, I join in from behind the camera.*


    Loco: There's a song you might not know called "5001" by Drunken Tiger. I really like Drunken Tiger – he's the OG, right? When I was really young he would rap on TV, his tone is amazing.


    pH-1: So you won't know this one because it's an old school Korean song, it's by DJ DOC and it's called "Run To You". It's known by all Korean people! If you mention it to any Korean, they will know right away! That song is an anthem. 

    Sepi: Really?! How does it go? Give us a little sample!

    *Harry bursts into singing it.*

    Sepi: Thank you for the performance! 

    pH-1: *Harry laughs.* Like, nobody knows the actual lyrics, you just go with it!

    Sepi: When I was in school, I was in like the school choir. I can't sing, but a tip I got told was if you forget the lyrics, just mouth the word watermelon because it looks like you're singing along.

    pH-1: That's so funny! I'm actually on stage with Jay Park later, so when he's singing I'm going to mouth watermelon to everyone!


    Shinwon (신원): PENTAGON!

    Kino (키노): Of course!

    Shinwon (신원): I think that's the best.

    Kino (키노): I totally agree!

    Shinwon (신원): If I had to choose a song, I'd say "One Shot" because when I listen to it, I make money.

    *We all burst out laughing. Wooseok (우석) extends his hand out to Shinwon (신원) for a handshake of approval.*


    DOK2: I have a few of those! Whenever I drive to Malibu I play "Found" by Tems and I am singing out LOUD. Brent Faiyaz is fire too!

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    Jay Park

    Jay Park: I would probably listen to a lot of R&B like Usher, SZA, Summer Walker, Jhené Aiko... Something a bit more chill.

    Sepi: Any song in particular?

    Jay Park: If I'm honest, I don’t really listen to specific songs anymore. I used to hand pick every song and put it in a playlist because I was that particular, but now I’m like, I don't care! Now I understand why the kids are like, "oh it’s a vibe".


    LeeHi: I really enjoy listening to Anderson Paak!

    Sepi: Me too! Definitely one of my favourite artists up there. Which song(s) specifically?

    LeeHi: I would have to say "Yada Yada" and "Jet Black". The beat is really good on those tracks!


    GRAY: *GRAY starts laughing.* My song with Jay Park, "Drive".

    *starts to sing the chorus of "Drive".*

    GRAY: Oh wait, that's not my part! That's Jay's part!

    *GRAY and Sepi burst out laughing.*


    Loco: Lately it has been "Somebody" by Loco and Hwa Sa. It's a really nice driving song!

    Sepi: For sure! It is!


    pH-1: First of all, I have to say I am a big fan of Ariana Grande. Her song "My Hair" is one of my favourites.

    *Harry sings a little snippet gets a tad shy.*

    pH-1: I can't sing it.

    Sepi: Yeah, you can!


    Kino (키노): I have one! "Chocolate" by The 1975. It's always the first one I tend to play. The melody of the song makes me feel so good, especially the intro part.

    Wooseok (우석): My choice is "forever&more" by ROLE MODEL.


    DOK2: A late night drive, ooooh. At night time I listen to Jhené Aiko a lot and H.E.R. I like "Avenue"!

    Sepi: Yesss! H.E.R. is so so good. "Avenue" is such a smooth song and the music video is really neat.

    Abstract pink blue psychedelic background with the text What's your go to party favourite upbeat song written on top

    Jay Park

    Jay Park: Oooh, something by Tyga? Probably "Taste". *Starts singing the chorus.*

    Sepi: Oh my gosh, yeah that’s a go-to! 


    LeeHi: Janet Jackson! The song is "If", the KAYTRANADA remix. That song is really dope.

    Sepi: I LOVE that song so much. I saw KAYTRANADA live in Brixton many years ago now and it was one of my favourite concerts I've been too.

    LeeHi: I want to just dance when I listen to KAYTRANADA!


    GRAY: *laughs.* It has to be our song "Party For The Night" by GRAY, LeeHi and Loco.

    *LeeHi from the background says YEAH!!!*


    Loco: "Lemon" by Loco and Hwa Sa definitely is up there. It really has a London vibe to the song, so have been enjoying it whilst I'm here.

    Sepi: I've been singing that a lot lately, "Life is so lemon, lemon, lemon..." It's so catchy!


    pH-1: *Harry straight away starts singing.* "Cash In, Cash Out, Cash In, Cash Out!" It's definitely "Cash In Cash Out" by Pharrell Williams ft. 21 Savage and Tyler, the Creator.

    Sepi: I am obsessed with Pharrell Williams!

    pH-1: Yeah! And the music video too with the animations, I love it! There's one part where they go close up on a naked butt and it's shaking and you're all like, "who's that girl? She's thicc." Then it zooms out and it's Tyler, and it's like, "damn, man!"


    Yeo One (여원): Oh mine is "WE LIKE 2 PARTY" by BIGBANG!

    Sepi: YES! I love BIGBANG's music!

    Jinho (진호): What about that LMFAO song that goes like SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!

    Kino (키노): Everyone, he is the oldest member. LMFAO, that's his party song!

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    Jay Park

    Jay Park: Honestly nothing! I mainly watch movies or I'll listen to my unreleased stuff.


    LeeHi: I was listening to my music when coming here. My recent album, 4 ONLY, is pretty great for plane rides.

    Sepi: Agreed! I'll be listening to it on my next plane ride!


    GRAY: On my flight to London I waws listening to "Glimpse of Us" by Joji. Because my phone is new, I just downloaded Joji's music and listened to that.

    Sepi: So you listened to "Glimpse of Us" on repeat for 13 hours?

    *GRAY laughs.*


    Loco: When I was on the plane yesterday I was listening to "North Face" by ODIE.

    Sepi: Yeah! I like your taste in music!

    Loco: *Laughs.* Thank you!


    pH-1: It has to be Jack Harlow, "THRU THE NIGHT" featuring Bryson Tiller. It's a very chill, vibey song! I really like Jack Harlow. He's super relaxed and very swaggy.

    Sepi: Yeah, the impression I get from him is that his music is quite a reflection of his persona.

    pH-1: Yeah! I don't like when people try to rap too hard but it seems to come naturally for Jack.


    Kino (키노): "Hollywood's Bleeding" by Post Malone. *Everyone bursts into singing.* The album was released in 2019, and this was when we began touring as PENTAGON so it makes me feel like I'm on the plane on the way to meet UNIVERSE.

    Shinwon (신원): On the plane ride here I listened to John Lennon's "Imagine". 

    Kino (키노): Actually, Shinwon (신원) and Yuto (유토/安達 祐人) were at Abbey Road yesterday!

    Sepi: Did you take photos?!

    Shinwon (신원): Yes, but it's so dangerous! I almost got ran over!

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    LeeHi: Do you know what, when I'm in a sad mood, I want to listen to hip-hop music with an upbeat sound! Any of the Jackson 5's songs are perfect.

    Sepi: I need to make note of this and listen to more upbeat music when I'm sad, LeeHi! I listen to slow, sad songs and I keep crying.


    GRAY: When I'm sad, I don't know actually… probably Jacob's song "Moon River". 

    *GRAY and Sepi sing Moooooooon Riverrrrrrr!*

    Sepi: An absolute classic.


    Loco: I actually listen to "ONLY" by LeeHi. It's very sad vibes. Her music is great.

    Sepi: Beautiful song choice, Loco! 


    pH-1: It's a song by Mac Miller and it's one of my favourites, "Blue World". It's too bad that he's gone. Mac Miller is one of my favourite artists of all time and he definitely influenced my music too.

    Sepi: Mac Miller is great; the quote in my leavers book for University was a Mac Miller quote.

    pH-1: No way! What was the quote?

    Sepi: "No matter where life takes me, you'll find me with a smile."

    pH-1: Ahhh nice!


    Yeo One (여원): Mine is "Cake By The Ocean" by DNCE. Whenever I listen to this song, I instantly get so happy.

    Wooseok (우석): It has to be "the freak show" by YUNGBLUD for me. It's super loud and fills me with energy.

    Kino (키노): I have to say I am the opposite, I listen to songs that are more low energy like "La Mer" by Nine Inch Nails. That's a song I really want to recommend to my fans.


    DOK2: Jhené Aiko, "New Balance" – that's the best! You will feel so zen.

    Abstract pink blue psychedelic background with the text What do you listen to backstage written on top


    Loco: Backstage I'm always nervous. Sometimes I listen to my song "It Takes Time" because, well, it takes time!


    pH-1: I get quite nervous, so I listen to something more calming. The song I enjoy listening to is a song by Blxst called "Every Good Girl". I've been listening to it ever since it came out non-stop.


    Kino (키노): Of course, our music!

    Wooseok (우석): Well, it's actually the artist before us technically. 

    *Tveryone laughs.*

    Sepi: That makes so much sense, how has no one said that yet?!

    Note: Some answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Thanks to everyone for meeting us and answering our questions! Check out the playlist below if you want to listen to all of their recommendations. Were you surprised by any of these? Are there any other artists you want us to link up with? Let us know in the comments!

    Also, in case you missed it, we got Loco, LeeHi and GRAY to answer some of your fan tweets! I shall now get back to editing more videos – Sepi signing off!!

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