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Distance Between London And Glasgow

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One of the rated countries of history in the world is Britain. Things are changing all the time just like the rest of the world. Going on a long trip on the English land is always a dream for everyone most especially those that loves tourism, that has always wanted to make their dream come through.

Going on a road trip in England give you the opportunity to visit some interesting places for sightseeing and change of environment. Let us limit ourselves to understanding the distance between London and Glasgow. This piece of information will help you to understand how you can journey between London the Capital City of England and Glasgow.

The distance between London and Glasgow is 405 miles which are a long way for one to drive all alone in one go. Fortunately, there are faster, easier, better and more economical ways traveling from the UK capital city of Britain to Glasgow. This piece of article will help you in planning a successful journey that will suit your timescale and budget simply traveling by train, bus, and car.

Travelling By Train

Between London and Glasgow Virgin Trains run West Coast Mainline services throughout the day, the journey takes within a period of four and a half hours to five and a half hours. Regularly the fares are around eighty-four pounds when you purchase a separate one-way ticket, but if you choose to be economical, the National Rail Enquires offer a more discount rate tickets. The train takes about eight hours to travel from the Euston station from around 11:30 pm and arriving Glasgow by 7.30 am, for an early booking of a one-way ticket.

Traveling by Bus

The company that handles the Bus traveling is National Express coaches. It also takes 8 hours for the bus to go from London to Glasgow just as the train system and at times thirteen hours depending on whether the bus will have a change in Birmingham for a change of service or have a straight trip of eight hours. Mostly when using the National Express involves two kinds of the journey, it is either you go on an overnight trip or arriving at unsociable hours. It can be confusing when you try to put together the best combination of schedule fares since tickets can be sold on a one single way basis.

London to Glasgow by car

Via the M1, M6, M42 and M8 motorways, Glasgow is 405 miles north of London. In free traffic conditions, it takes about seven hours according to the Automobile Association. Take note that any journey that requires you use the M1 and the M6 will not experience traffic-free conditions. You are like to spend between twelve to fifteen hours or more simply because of traffic obstructions.

Traveling around the UK is fascinating but expensive; it’s like going for an adventure. But you will be opportune to visit interesting places and also pay visits to some soccer teams like Arsenal football club, Chelsea fc or Tottenham football club and so on.

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