11 People Who Prove Pennsylvania Wins At This Whole Entertainment Thing

From rappers to royalty and Hollywood to Nashville, Pennsylvania has produced some incredibly talented entertainers. Here are just a few:

1. Taylor Swift

Nashville’s country singer-songwriter, famous for such hits as Red, Love Story, and 22, began her career in Berks County, PA.

2. Bradley Cooper

The man who brought us The Hangover, Wedding Crashers, and Silver Linings Playbook is a Philly native and grew up in Jenkintown, PA.

4. Kevin Bacon

Sorry Chicago, the original Ren McCormack is a Philly kid.

5. Hall and Oates

Rich Girl. You Make My Dreams Come True. Sara Smile. Philly’s own Daryl Hall and John Oates were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year.

7. Bill Cosby

Sweater aficionado. Comedy legend. Temple grad. The man who gave us the lovable Cliff Huxtable was born and raised in Philly.

8. Jimmy Stewart

On the big screen, he portrayed the “everyman.” In World War II, he flew bombing missions over Europe. This Air Force general, the star of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and It’s a Wonderful Life, grew up in Indiana County.

9. Patti LaBelle

The Grammy Award-winning Patti LaBelle was born and raised in Philadelphia. She began there, too, singing in the choir at Beulah Baptist Church.

10. Fred Rogers

Another sweater aficionado, Mister Fred Rogers, originally of Latrobe, PA, began his iconic television show at Pittsburgh’s WQED.

11. Shirley Jones

The legendary singer and actress, famous for roles in The Music Man, The Partridge Family, and Oklahoma! is a native of Washington County, PA.

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