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32 Things You Know To Be True If You Drink Iced Coffee All Year Round

It’s not just a beverage; it’s a lifestyle. Enjoy iced coffee year round without fear of twinges or sensitivity* with Sensodyne®, the #1 dentist-recommended brand for sensitive teeth.

1. First off, you know that flavor knows no season.

2. Whether it’s pumpkin spice or gingerbread flavored, it’s always on ice.

3. If it doesn’t come with a straw, you don’t drink it.

4. Plus, a straw means a buffer between your coffee and your sensitive pearly whites.

5. You like your iced coffee experience to be perfect, which means you’ll do anything to avoid things like sensitive teeth or way-too-watery coffee.

6. It’s not that hot coffee isn’t nice, but it just can’t compare to its icy counterpart.

7. You’re absolutely fine drinking iced coffee with mittens on.

8. And a fuzzy hat on.

9. And a three-sizes-too-big winter coat on.

10. You don’t discriminate — you’ll take your latte, macchiato, and espresso iced too.

11. You even like your hot cocoa frozen — and yes, you understand the irony.

12. Absolutely nothing compares to sipping an icy beverage amidst the days of summer.

13. And it helps keep you cool inside overheated offices in the dead of winter.

14. You go to extreme lengths to snag that frosty goodness.

15. Not even inclement weather, tooth sensitivity, or endless lines can get in the way of you and your iced coffee.

16. The first thing you do when you wake up every morning is think about how and when you’re getting your sacred drink.

17. You never know what someone means when they say it’s iced coffee “season.”

18. Because to you it’s iced coffee “life.”

19. Coffee sleeves are low-key your bestie.

20. And if you don’t have a coffee sleeve, you’ve got a papier–mâché collage of dewy napkins stuck to your cup.

21. You always up the ice count in summer.

22. You’re consistently on the defense when people call your coffee consumption habits “bizarre.”

23. Because you know that if we weren’t meant to drink iced coffee all the time, then it wouldn’t be sold 365 days a year.

24. Should we talk about how you can’t burn your tongue on iced coffee?

25. And how smoothly and quickly you can down a delish, icy drink?

26. And you know that if you can drink it quickly, that means you can snag another one even sooner.

27. You recognize iced coffee for the work of art it is.

28. And you’re totally mesmerized by that moment when some thick creamer hits your iced coffee and it gets all swirly and whatnot.

29. When someone asks if you “want to get drinks,” you always assume they’re talking about iced coffee.

30. And when someone asks if you “want to get coffee,” you assume they’re talking exclusively about iced coffee.

31. You live by the motto “Another day, another iced coffee.”

32. At the end of the day, you’ll never stop believing that iced coffee is always in season.

All images illustrated by Danielle Ceneta / BuzzFeed

*With twice daily brushing.

Because Sensodyne® offers relief from sensitivity* and helps you enjoy each and every moment with confidence, you can bet that drinking iced coffee year round will be sweeter than flavored creamer.