As Dem Senators Tackle College Costs, A #tbt Post With Their Graduation Pics

To call attention to our legislation to give Americans a #fairshot at a higher education by being able to refinance their student debt, a number of us Democratic Senators have released photos of ourselves back when we were graduating from high school or college.

1. The common theme here seems to be different hair. Or in Pat Leahy’s case – hair.

2. I’m struck with how young we all look, except for Bob Casey who looks exactly the same.

3. While Claire McCaskill looks lovely in her photo, I have offered to buy her family a new camera.

4. Tammy Baldwin graduated from Smith in 1984, and it appears she was presented with the very first iPad.

5. Evidently the people in Tom Harkin’s 1962 photo from Iowa State University went on to form the advertising firm in Mad Men.

6. Jeff Merkley is tall, but in his high school graduation photo, I think he looks like one of those 7’1” guys who was immediately recruited by a Division I basketball program.

All high school grads deserve a #FairShot at higher ed. #TBT: Me in 1974 w/ H.S. diploma in hand & ready for college.

— Senator Jeff Merkley (@SenJeffMerkley)

7. Dianne Feinstein’s photo is just a beautiful shot.

I’ve been fighting to give students a #fairshot since serving as @Stanford student body vice president. #tbt

— Sen Dianne Feinstein (@SenFeinstein)

8. Chuck Schumer’s is a fair shot. Get it? Fair shot?

9. As you can see, Jack Reed and I both graduated from West Point. Wait. I got that wrong.

#TBT to my @WestPoint_USMA graduation in '71. Today’s students deserve a #fairshot at an affordable college education

— Senator Jack Reed (@SenJackReed)

10. I think Barbara Mikulski’s graduation photo is the most elegant. In fact, I asked Barbara to track down the photographer for my campaign.

#TBT My senior yr at Mount Saint Agnes in Baltimore. Everyone deserves a #fairshot at higher education.

— Barbara Mikulski (@SenatorBarb)

11. Frankly, I think Harry Reid is the coolest looking of any of us. Which, of course, is why he’s the Leader.

12. Dick Blumenthal’s 1967 shot from Harvard is the only picture that exists of him before he became Connecticut’s Attorney General, an office he held for 87 years.

13. I give Bob Menendez the award for the most interesting choice. Instead of a picture giving us some idea of what he looked like when he was young, he gave us an early campaign photo of him attempting to look old.

#CollegeAffordability & #StudentAid=top priorities for me.#TBT to my (embarrassing) 91 pamphlet showing my commitment

— Sen. Robert Menendez (@SenatorMenendez)

14. Elizabeth Warren graduated from high school when she was only 16. But that’s not a diploma in her hand. It’s an early draft of her proposal for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

We need to pass #BankOnStudents so kids can refinance student debt & have a #fairshot at an education #TBT

— Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren)

15. Which brings me to my 1973 photo with my parents. Nothing funny here.

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