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The Most Luxurious NYC Pads Featured In Movies

Can’t get Gordon Gecko's stunning Manhattan duplex from Wall Street 2 out of your head? Many luxurious pads in NYC have also been the set of famous films. Take a look at some amazing NYC pads that made the cut! And don't forget to tune into Selling New York, on Thursday, January 6th, at 9pm/8c only on HGTV, for a whole new look inside the most exclusive Manhattan properties.

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  • 1. Will Keane's Apartment (Autumn In New York)

    Location: 88 Greenwich Street

  • 2. The Tenenbaum House (The Royal Tenenbaums)

    Location: 444 West 144th Street

  • 3. Morton and Shelly's Apartment (The First Wives Club)

    Location: 1056 5th Avenue and East 87th Street

  • 4. Kathleen Kelly's Apartment (You've Got Mail)

    Location: 328 West 89th Street and Riverside Drive

  • 5. Ashley Albright's Apartment (Just My Luck)

    Location: 5th Avenue

  • 6. Amanda and Adam Bonner's Duplex (Adam's Rib)

    Location: Turtle Bay / Current value: $8 million.

  • 7. Carrie's New Apartment (Sex And The City)

    Location: Apartment, 1010 5th Avenue and East 82nd Street

  • 8. Sam and Molly's Apartment (Ghost)

    Location: 102 Prince Street and Greene Street

  • 9. David Aames' Apartment (Vanilla Sky)

    Location: The Dakota

  • 10. Gordon Gecko's Apt (Wall Street 2)

    Location: 31 West 21st Street / Current Value:$12 million to $14 million