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Which Romeo And Juliet Character Are You?

Romeo, Juliet, Benvolio, Tybalt, or the Nurse?

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  1. Do you fall in love easily?

    Yes, and often too.
    Yes, but not often.
    No, love is just a big illusion.
    Not really, love is just whatever.
    I haven't fallen in love, but I love seeing other people.
  2. Do you believe in love at first sight?

    Of course!
    No. Love at first sight is shallow and based solely off looks.
    Umm no. Who cares about love. Lets fight. Square up!
    Yes, but I don’t think it’s more important than finding someone who is a sensible match.
  3. Do you consider yourself a person other people can count on?

    Yes. Why wouldn’t people count on me? I know what I’m doing.
    I don’t know. I mean. I guess.
    Why would you even doubt that I wasn’t?
    What?! Of course not! I’ll kill you!
    Of course! I’m always here for people. I will listen to whatever someone has to say.
  4. Which word describes you best?

  5. Which quote do you most relate to?

    "Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs; Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers' eyes; Being vexed a sea nourish'd with loving tears" (Love is beautiful. Act 1, Scene 1)
    “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet” (I don’t care what people who your family is, I’d love you either way. Act 2, Scene 2)
    “Alas, that love, so gentle in his view, should be so tyrannous and rough in proof!” (Love seems so perfect, but in all reality it is rough and hard to handle. Act 1, Scene 1)
    “Boy, this shall not excuse the injuries that thou hast done me; therefore turn and draw.” (You have hurt me, so… let’s fight Act 3, Scene 1)
    “Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast.” (If you rush into things, you’ll only end up hurt. Act 2, Scene 3)
  6. You lose the most precious thing in your life! You…

    Kill yourself.
    Go into a depressive state.
    Move on.
    Revenge on whoever has done this and their family!!
    Seek comfort from friends and family.
  7. What are your thoughts on fighting?

    I don’t like it. But I would do anything to protect the people I love.
    I’m a lover, not a fighter
    I wouldn't start a fight, but I will defend my honor or my friends' honor if necessary.
    I have a quick temper and don't tolerate begin disrespected!!
    I don’t like violence of any kind. But I wouldn’t do anything to stop it.
  8. If you had to choose one fault about yourself, it would be that you are…

    Reckless - sometimes I take risks that don’t work out well.
    Too radical - I often take things too far
    Discouraging - I am often down on people. I put people’s actions and ideas down.
    Aggressive - I sometimes can’t control my actions and I end up hurting people.
    Ignorant - sometimes I don’t think about things before I do them. I often end up making the wrong choices.
  9. Which Serious issue do you struggle most with?

    Suicidal thoughts (17.0% of students seriously considered attempting suicide)
    Unhealthy relationship
    Anger Issues (over 30% of high school students reported being in at least one physical fight)
  10. Which of the following is most important to you?


Which Romeo And Juliet Character Are You?

You got: Romeo

You are a player. You fall in love easily and hard. Some may make fun of you saying that you're in love with love. However, you are more passionate than most will ever be.

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You got: Juliet

You are a huge advocate of love at first sight. Your first love has been your only love but you would do anything for them. You're incredibly passionate but also very inexperienced. Some may call you naive but you believe you don't pay any mind to them.

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You got: Benvolio

You are a good friend. You encourage those you love to do what makes them happy but also help show them what is right. You don’t believe in love. In fact, you believe that love makes people fools.

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You got: Tybalt

You are a fool to anger. You are incredibly passionate and will do anything for your loved ones. Even kill someone. You don’t care about love. For you, the most important thing you can do is find justice for your loved ones. The most important thing to remember is that you can be passionate without being harmful and violent.

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You got: Nurse

You’re the mother figure among friends, family, and possibly even strangers. You take care of people because you want nothing more than to keep them safe and happy. You love love but have a hard time finding it for yourself. However, you bend over backward so that others can find it.

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