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8 Best Adult Coloring Apps For Stress Relief

Adult coloring books and apps can help reduce stress and anxiety. Here are some adult coloring apps with beautiful images designed for stress relief. Packed with geometric patterns, exciting landscapes, and intricate designs, adult coloring books and apps inspire adults to get engaged in coloring. Now, coloring is not limited to kids, adults indulge in coloring too to eliminate stress, anxiety, and depression. Coloring changes your focus to think creatively and gives effective relief to stress. Different strokes of the pencil, various shades of colors, and elegant decorated adult coloring books create an effect which can evoke optimism within you. Train your mind to be calm and relaxed with these best adult coloring apps:

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1. Stress Relief Adult Color Book

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Different colors influence the mind in different ways. Stress Relief Adult Color Book is a healing coloring app designed to reduce stress and provide various benefits. Intricately designed images in this app help you to get engaged and spark your creativity. It reduces anxiety effectively, increases concentration and hones your coloring skills. The app is completely free.

Some of the stunning galleries in this app include:

* Florals and Paisleys

* Spring Fashion

* Wonders of the World

* African Culture

* Korean Culture

* Women

* Ancient Egypt

* Dreamland etc.

This adult coloring app enables easy coloring through zooming and scrolling. Undo feature is added to make coloring simpler and more convenient for you. After coloring, your image is saved automatically and you can post it on social media platforms, which can attract many groups. You can even download the images in your phone.

2. Mandala Coloring for Adults

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Mandala Coloring for Adults has lots of beautiful mandalas, coloring which lowers stress and increases mindfulness. Mandalas symbolize the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism. This app for adults helps in eliminating negative thoughts, anxiety, and stress. Symmetry associated with these designs establishes a perfect harmony with the universe and mind. Coloring mandalas creates an effect similar to meditation, boosts creativity and and promotes emotional healing.

This is also a free adult coloring app. The beautiful galleries of Mandala Coloring for Adults include:

* Beginners

* Calm

* Delight

* Mindful

* Relax

* Geometric

* Heal

* Quick De-stress etc.

3. Adult Coloring Book

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Adult Coloring Book is an app mainly for adults. This app is completely free to download and use. It provides enhanced features like tap to color, adding filters, personalizing your palette, etc. It comprises a broad range of unique images that enables you to color or create your own artwork. You can just tap on the color and fill color in the images you want and finally can save it too.

4. Colorfly

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Colorfly is one of the best adult coloring apps having a collection of different images. This color therapy app has an option of tap-to-color style to color images. Colorfly app enables you to explore the secret garden hidden in a beautifully illustrated design. The app adds new images in every few weeks. Beautifully illustrated images evoke excitement in adults to color each design using a personalized color palette.

5. Colorfy

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Colorfy is a popular adult coloring app designed particularly for families including kids. It has a broad range of design collections such as florals, patterns, mandalas, cats, gardens, and famous paintings. Another distinctive feature of this app is the application of filters to give a unique look to an image. Filters include paper, leather, brush strokes, wool, wood, etc. Subscribing to this app allows you to access more features and pictures. A gallery of user art sparks creative ideas and helps you to create your work in different styles. Colorfy app gets updated regularly with innovative ideas.

6. ColorTherapy

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ColorTherapy includes galleries of mandalas, florals and animals. This app is best for adults as it reduces anxiety and stress. Mandala coloring books from this app has a variety of circular designs coloring which lets you experience peace. All the images are available for free; you need to pay only for color palette. Some of the features of this app include:

* Collection of florals, animals, mandalas, gardens, etc.

* Easy control and convenient coloringFilters and effects to produce unique work

7. Colorfit

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Colorfit app takes you through a ramble to inspirational designs. This has enhanced features and gives a complete joy of coloring. The HD coloring pages are rich in details when an image is enlarged. Tons of collections of hand curated images, professionally drawn illustrations, mandalas, animals, bouquets, ornates, and much more are packed in this app for you. It has a pack of monochromatic colors, triadic colors, complementary colors to give a rich look to your images. Modern gradient pattern combined with the color allows you to paint continuously. Colorfit lets you subscribe for daily new picture updates. The subscription packages include monthly, quarterly, and yearly charges and can be renewed automatically.

8. ColorMe

ColorMe is one of the most popular adult coloring books having more than 100 coloring pages. It has images of mandalas, animals, birds, flowers, butterflies, food, and much more. This app is designed for kids too. It has a tap to paint and pinch to zoom options to produce magnificent colored designs. ColorMe app provides editing options to edit photos, images that can help in creating collages.

These adult coloring apps help you to eliminate stress and anxiety. While coloring in such adult coloring apps, you can listen to some soothing music, which can further heal your mind. Download these apps now to reap the benefits of coloring!

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