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16 Times The "Contest" Episode Of "Seinfeld" Told Us How To Be Master Of Our Domain

It's the 25th anniversary of the iconic Seinfeld episode "The Contest," but can anyone really be master of their domain?

1. So you want to be master of your domain?

2. Get your crew together and make a pact.

3. If your crush walks by and you start to think you might immediately lose...

4. ...try to keep it cool.

5. Look away in a totally natural, not-weird way.

6. If you need a moment...take it.

7. Give yourself a time-out.

8. Grab hold of something sturdy.

9. Put something cool to your face.

10. Can't sleep from all that temptation? Try tossing and turning.

11. It's important to keep yourself distracted.

12. Your friends will be there to keep you from doing anything stupid.

13. Or if you need someone to mutter incoherently to.

14. Or just straight-up yell at for no reason because the temptation makes you do such things.

15. And eventually you might cave and lose the bet.

16. But your friends will totally understand why.

All images courtesy of Castle Rock Entertainment/Sony Pictures Television

We know you loved this breakdown, but if you really want to see how to be master of your domain, watch Seinfeld’s greatest episode of all time, "The Contest," during the 25th anniversary airing on Friday, Nov. 17. Check your local listings.