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What You Missed This Past Week (7/20 - 7/26)

What were the big stories on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and so on. In case you were hiding under a rock this past week, here are highlights of trending topics from this past week.

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Monday (7/20): Ashley Madison Site Hacked

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So the infamous cheating website Ashley Madison got hacked and news broke about it today (7/20). It was hacked by "Impact Team," and they demanded that the site be taken down immediately. If Ashley Madison did not comply with the demands, than the "Impact Team" threatened to release all information about their clientele: name, age, sex, fantasies etc. Are you on the list?

Tuesday (7/21): Miss Piggy Goes Viral

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With the help of Rihanna's hit song "Bitch Better Have My Money," Miss Piggy got a lot more bo$$ ass bitch on Tuesday (7/21). This video went super viral, it is of Miss Piggy singing BBHMM. Someone dubbed Miss Piggy with Rihanna's song. This makes me love her that much more

Wednesday (7/22): James Franco Announces He Is Becoming A Man

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James Franco is finally becoming a man. Seth Rogen, Franco's bestie for life, will be throwing Franco a bar mitzvah. The event is apart of Rogen's charity "Halarity for Charity," proceeds will benefit Alzheimer's Association. This magical event will take place on October 17,2015 at the Hollywood Palladium. Tickets will be available for sale on August 11th. Who's going?!?!

Thursday (7/24): Gunman Loose in Ruby Rose's Backyard

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The insanely hot Aussie, was given a fright Thurday (7/23) evening. An armed man was running loose in her backyard. It was a crazy display at the Rose household: policeman, search dogs and helicopter were all in action. The police were able to find and arrest the crazy person wandering around on Rose's property. She was Tweeting and Instagraming live from the scene, but all posts have since been deleted. She and her fiance are safe and sound now.

Friday (7/24): WWE Gives Hulk Hogan The Boot

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WWE Alumni and Hall of Famer, Hulk Hogan's, contract got terminated today (7/24), due to a radio interview back in 2012. The audio from that interview surfaced online and in that audio, Hogan can be heard using the N-word, and questions why he would get in trouble for using the word openly. His name has been removed from the list of Alumni, Hall of Fame and almost all references of him from the WWE site. He should have thought twice before he spoke, BROTHER!!!

Saturday (725): Special Olympics Opening Ceremony

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The Special Olympics World Games Opening Ceremony took place today (7/25), at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Many special guests were in attendance, along with musical performers. Athletes will compete in 25 different sports over the next nine days. The entire event will be broadcasted on ESPN, make sure to tune in!!!

Sunday (7/26): Bobbi Kristina Dead

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The daughter of Bobbi Brown and the late Whitney Huston was pronounced dead on Sunday (7/26). In late January Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in a bathtub, and has been in a medical induced coma since. She was recently moved to the Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth, Georgia. She was only 22.

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