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7 Tourist Places Los Angeles Natives Still Go To

Even if you are from Southern California there are places you go to even though you know they are tourist infected. Although we know it will be crowded, we still go and buy into these places just like tourists do.

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1. Venice Beach

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Why wouldn't this place attract tourists? It is a fun creative one of a kind place to go. You can get your picture drawn by a cartoonist, see sand sculptors create, look at unique art and interact with the artist them-self. Whether you're there for the side shows or the beach or the pier, there is always something interesting to discover at Venice Beach.

2. Hollywood Walk of Fame

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How fun is it to see your favorite artist or actor? It would be pretty awesome, but probably unlikely to happen. So, what's the next best thing...? Finding their "star" on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is a lively feeling to finally find the star you've been looking for and then taking a pic and waking on to the next star.

3. Griffith Observatory

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This place has amazing views of the city and you can learn a thing or two while here. The Griffith Observatory is a great spot to learn about astrology and see interesting short educational films about the stars and space. Not only is it a fun place to learn, but is one of many places movies/shows have been filmed.

4. Disneyland

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I don't care how old I am I love going to Disneyland! You can always count on Disneyland being super packed, and with half of its guests are almost always tourists. Despite the fact that it gets crowded and you'll hear probably five different languages being spoken, you will always come and go with a smile on your face. Come on its "The Happiest Place On Earth!"

5. Rodeo Drive

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Why wouldn't you or a tourist come here? It makes you feel like you are one with the celebrities. Celebrities shop here, therefore you are a celebrity. Plus, maybe you will actually bump into a famous movie star here. Chances are pretty good!

6. Santa Monica Peir

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Being here makes me feel like a kid again. I love it! It is like the best of both worlds. You can have fun and be silly on the pier and then dip your tosies in the sand. This is a fun, family friendly place to go, which is probably why so many tourists visit there.

7. Universal Studios

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This place may not be swarming with celebrities, but it is still a cool place to go. The back lot tours is what makes Universal so damn interesting. Getting to see movie set of your favorite movie gets everyone riled up.

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